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The 2020 National Electrical Code (NEC) has been adopted in many jurisdictions, and you cannot afford a reduction in productivity or earnings as you learn new Code requirements. Subscribe to the NEC Challenge to ensure accurate bids, passed inspections, and uninterrupted workflow.

This new subscription service will deliver easy-to-understand 2020 Code-based questions, along with the correct answer and a thorough explanation of the new 2020 NEC, how it has changed, and how you can apply it on the job to your inbox every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Over the course of one-year, you will become an expert on 156 of the most important updates to the 2020 NEC.

More than 3,700 public inputs and 1,900 comments went into the revision of the 2020 edition of the NEC, which includes hundreds of updates and four all-new articles. Just some of the things the 2020 NEC changes are designed to do include:

  • Improve electrical safety for emergency responders
  • Revise service disconnect rules to increase electrical worker safety
  • Increase electrical worker safety
  • Meet the installation practices of new and evolving technologies
  • Modernize tables to better reflect improvements in energy efficiency
  • Incorporate more user-friendly numbering for ampacity tables
  • Cover exposed cables installed on ceilings and sidewalls

How You’ll Learn 2020 NEC Updates

  • Subscribe to the NEC Challenge.
  • Receive NEC Challenge questions in your inbox every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
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Learn Code changes on the go!

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The new 2020 NEC is here with revision symbols identifying text, tables, and figures that have been added, moved, or deleted since the previous edition. You’ve either hit the ground running with accurate, up-to-Code bids and work that passes inspection the first time, or your revenue and production has come to a halt as you’ve worked to catch-up to the new changes. Don’t risk your business in these challenging times, learn the 2020 Code with a subscription to the NEC Challenge.



  • An emergency disconnect identified for firefighters installed outside of every dwelling unit?
  • More than one receptacle for kitchen islands and peninsulas to meet minimum Code?
  • Fewer receptacles on the required bathroom 20-amp branch circuit?
  • Surge protection for every residential dwelling service?

Don’t wait to let the Electrical Inspector teach you the new 2020 NEC, subscribe to the NEC Challenge today and master it, one change at a time!