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Curious to know what other licensees in your state have said?

“I have been using this site for years now and I definitely think that it is an asset to any electrician.”

- J.T., Garland, TX

“The ease of navigation and clarity of the process makes it so worth it.”

- J.A., Lake Elsinore, CA

“Convenient – well formatted. After going to company-offered classes and listening to “stories” for hours, I still find this to be thorough and informative. Thanks”

- D.H., Hampstead, NC

“Valuable information. I would take the courses (even) if they were not required.”

- G.L., Sonora, CA

“I have been using JADE Learning exclusively since 2004 and never had problems. The website is very user friendly.”

- K.S., Ft. Worth, TX

“I always learn something new each time I take a course. I work in the industrial field, but there’s always something new to learn, no matter what course I take.”

- J.M., Lumberton, TX

“It’s about ease and learning. The classes are well presented and really get you involved in the code updates.”

- J.P. Tulsa, OK

“This is the best CE course I have ever taken.”

- D.R., Taftsville, VT

“Awesome…way better than sitting in a class all weekend. I can work on it when I feel like it.”

- D.M., Gilmanton, NH

“Been using JADE Learning for over ten years and recommend it to everyone I know. Like the fact that you can print the material for future reference. Questions are thorough and formatted for learning the subject-matter.”

- E.R., Brenham, TX

“Simple interface, easy to use, helpful service staff.”

- C.H., Webster, NH

“Despite over 20 years in the field, I learned many thing I was previously unaware of that will enable me to be more efficient and save money on future projects.”

- A.M., Waupaca, WI

“I have been extremely happy to use this site the convenience of the whole process is great.”

- D.R., Tualatin, OR

“Convenient, you can work at your own pace. Able to ask questions. Quick to report completion to the DPOR. And it is affordable.”

- D.K., Chesapeake, VA

“Great way to get the required education.”

- S.S., North Bend, OR

“Excellent customer service.”

- M.W., Fayetteville, NC

“I have used JADE Learning before and have always found it easy to use and informative! The course is well laid out.”

- K.N., Litchfield, ME

“Extremely convenient and very professional format.”

- W.F., Virginia Beach, VA


“Online and informative. Covered the major changes in a clear and concise way.”

- L. H., Huntsville, AL

“I enjoyed being able to take the test from home and it really helped to review the code changes. I would recommend this course to all my friends in the business who needs continue their education. Thanks!”

- D.B., McCalla, AL

“The courses enlighten us and are what we are wanting.”

- R.H., Montgomery, AL

“I actually learned something :)”

- C.G., Tuscaloosa, AL

“Can use an iPad.”

- A.T., Pelham, AL


“Easy, quick, efficient. Done.”

- J.G., Anchorage, AK

“You people are just great.”

- W.M., North Pole, AK

“The responsiveness of instructors was great! I like everything about it.”

- J.B., Fairbanks, AK

“I like going online and taking the class as I go. Also when I finish I can print out my CE certificate.”

- L.B., Fairbanks, AK

“What I like most is the feeling of satisfaction from reading and understanding correctly, having the situational awareness, and being able to tell some of the other users or even myself why the question was not answered correctly. I like the layout. Great company with a common sense approach to teaching the electrical code in a way that is clearly a great learning method.”

- N.M., Fairbanks, AK

“All in all GREAT!!! I’ve been using JADE since 2001.”

- R.S. Wasilla, AK

“Good refresher; great customer service.”

- J.B., Palmer, AK

“Great course. Very informative. Easy to follow and work at your pace.”

- M.B., Juneau, AK

“I liked the fact that you could take more than one course before paying for them and that the work could be done at my convenience.”

- L.B., Homer, AK

“Online….easy to read, interactive, well done.”

- T.L., Anchorage, AK

“Easy to access, excellent material, informative, and hassle free documentation quickly attained.”

- J.G., Anchorage, AK

“Great course, easy to read and understand. I like how each question has a Difficulty Rating, Progress, and Score as you go.”

- S.S., Kenai, AK

“Keep up the great and helpful work- I find the interactive tool with the instructors quite helpful.”

- M.T., Wasilla, AK

“It is priced reasonably, and I can leave and come back whenever I want.”

- C.I., Delta Junction, AK

“I loved being able to take a break when needed and come right back to the test.”

- E.G., Anchorage, AK


“All steps were very easy.”

T.C., England, AR

“It’s a great course.”

- H.S., Cherokee Village, AR

“Ease of logging in from multiple computers and sites to work on the educational training.”

- J.M., Little Rock, AR

“Your system is so simple I didn’t have to contact customer service.”

- T.C., England, AR

“I am glad to get the CE training with JADE Learning – I actually feel like I gain something from your courses.”

A.F., Foreman, AR


“I can work on it on my own time and at my own pace.”

- T.W., Evans, CO

“Your courses are designed so you actually learn something instead of just flipping aimlessly through a code book – everything is so well organized”

- P.H., Mesa, CO

“I like self paced courses with good explanations after each question. I’ve used you guys for many years and been pretty happy with the results.”

- T. S., Colorado Springs, CO

THANK YOU SO MUCH!   I took your classes and have my new license in my pocket.  I really enjoy your class format with the other student questions able to be viewed – they asked what I was thinking. Great graphics and matching the NEW code book – helped sink in that visual data.  Kudos to your development team – very well thought-out and well rounded classes.

-K.T. Pueblo, CO


“PAY AFTER COMPLETION! Start and stop at my leisure!”

- D.L., New Castle, DE

“This is a great site, full of information, easy to use, trouble free, I’ll be coming back.”

Anonymous, DE


“JADE Learning always was right on the money with the course content, instructors, and overall presentation.”

- M.P., Wellington, FL

“Let me tell you after 20+years of doing CEU’s – yours is the best class ever.  I love waiting for the big GREEN block to pop up after a correct answer is submitted.”

- M.P., West Palm Beach, FL

“It was very user friendly and I could do it on my free time – just log in for a couple hours a night after work, or while my helper drove between jobs. I just loved it.”

- F.T., Zephyrhills, FL

“Honestly everything that JADE presents and offers is spot on!”

- D.P., Deltona, FL

“As a State Certified Electrical Contractor, we are very active working in airports. The ability to complete the CE credits while following up on projects at the office is very helpful.”

- D.B., Davie, FL

“Very comprehensive, easy to access and flawless operation on the net.”

- D.P, Deltona, FL

“Relevancy. I have used Jade online for many years now… I can find CEUs for less cost — I prefer to learn relevant and valuable information pertaining to my trade (over saving a few bucks). Your costs are WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT and reasonably competitive. Your material is far and above better prepared and more professionally delivered than most others. Your online format is easily used and the website is easy to navigate.”

- R.E., Tampa, FL

“I always learn something new & it’s a great refresher course too. I’ve been using JADE Learning for several years now ! Its time & money well spent….always gotten my money worth! Thanks!”

- B.H., Ft Walton Beach, FL

“I would definitely recommend JADE Learning to a friend, because the courses are educational & easy to use. I have been using your courses exclusively for years, ever since you sent me the first 7 hr course in the mail.”

- B.P., Royal Palm Beach, FL

“What I liked the most is doing it on my own time, very easy to use your website.”

- L.D., Clearwater, FL

“I always learn something new with JADE Learning courses.”

- V.A., Yulee, FL

“Organized and easy place-keeping. Explanations of the correct answer.”

- D.S., Clearwater, FL

“Goes over new changes very well”

- L.G., Bradenton, FL

“Easy to use”

- C.D., Tampa, FL

“I liked most that information was sent to the state board.”

-J.H., Midway, FL


“I love love love not having to do a whole weekend to take this course.”

- K.S., Burlington, GA

“Best on the web.”

- J.R., Conyers, GA

“Best deal. Precise, easy to understand.”

- J.S., Columbus, GA

“Every time I have called for help customer service has been very nice and helpful.”

- R.L., Atlanta, GA

“One of the best courses I have taken. I learned a lot of the changes in the code.”

- T.M., Blairsville, GA

“One of the best online CE sites I have used. Well written and accurate information.”

- P. K., Suwanee, GA

“I would recommend JADE Learning to a friend because you can complete at home on your own time.”

- M.N., Woodstock, GA


“Makes learning code changes understandable.”

- P.N., Nampa, ID

“I like the ability to work at my own pace.”

- D.J., Boise, ID

“It was very convenient.  I like the course format.”

- J.B., Nampa, ID

“Thank you for your support in CEUs for my education.”

- P.M., Boise, ID

“Good material that is easy to follow.”

- T.I., Lewiston, ID

“Very informative and user friendly.”

- T.H., Boise, ID

“Easy to use!”

-J.K., Hayden, ID

“Complete on my own time and convenient!”

- K.M., Plummer, ID


“I thought that the course was very informative. Some of the questions made me really think and the comments after I answered the questions helped me to understand.”

- R.M., Davis, IL

“The convenience of it…pass the course…pay for the course…it’s really nice.”

- J.S., Orangeville, IL


“The online course is very convenient plus educational.”

- F.P., Indianapolis, IN

“The ability to start and stop the training. It’s nice to be able to plan different times to do it. I did it over a two day period instead of using a Saturday afternoon to do it.”

- G.P., Sellersburg, IN

“Good content and easy to use format.”

- K., Clarksville, IN

“Can Complete on my own time”

- D.K., Lanesville, IN

“I liked that it was interactive on every page and made you use the code book as well.”

- Z.B., Pendleton, IN


“Industry related and extremely well written.”

- B.M., Knoxville, IA

“Set your own pace”

- H.N., Ottumwa, IA


“Quick and easy.”

- M.T., Corbin, KY

“Great course to be challenged and engaged.”

- K.Y., Independence, KY

“Convenience and Material Covered!”

- D.H., Butler, KY

“I feel that this approach gets the person more familiar with the NEC and how to find out any questions that you have.”

- J.B., Morehead, KY

“I would extremely likely recommend JADE Learning because of the ease of the web-site.”

- G. H., Lexington, KY

“The information was great.”

- M. R., Albany, KY

“Convenience,ability to work on and complete in small increments. I like the idea of not paying until I pass the course. Excellent.”

- D. H., Louisville, KY

“Good info, very convenient.”

- B. H., Benton, KY


“Although I’ve been in security systems for over 35 years, the material did cover the full spectrum and genesis of alarm technology.”

- H.R., Metairie, LA

“Very helpful and easy to understand.”

- D.L., Scott, LA

“It was easy to do.”

- L.B., Metairie, LA

“This is my second one in as many days. I was able to complete it in under two hours due to the concise presentation of each question’s prep information.”

- H.R., Metairie, LA


“Ability to do code update anytime, information provided in the code update, the use of pictures and explanations.”

- J.A., Wells, ME

“Being able to do it at my leisure. I also like that comments to some of the questions raised by other students are displayed for viewing. I also liked that I could talk to someone in customer service when I had a course issue.”

- M.P., Auburn, ME

“Self paced – don’t have to commit an entire weekend.”

- S.L., Berwick, ME

“You can do it whenever. You don’t need to go to a class after work.”

- J.B., Rumford, ME

“I like all the information that is detailed with each question. the course is very informative.”

- D. N., Oxford, ME

“I liked most that I could take the course at my own pace.”

- S.D., Lewiston, ME

“Exam was set up extremely well!”

- R.D., Plymouth, ME

“This is the PERFECT course. It supplies everything you need. I have to be honest, I cant think of anything to change! This type of layout has been needed for a long time now! Glad I stumbled on it!” 

- W.H., Gorham, ME

“I have used JADE Learning before and have always found it easy to use and informative. The course is well laid out.”

- K.N., Litchfield, ME


“Very simple to use and a good price.”

- J.R., Baltimore, MD

“It was user friendly and helped to keep me informed.   Keep up the good work you are doing, and thank you.”

- S.B., Laurel, MD

“Thanks for the reasonably priced, sit-in-my-chair and learn NEC CEU opportunity.”

- J.M., Westminster, MD

“The text and illustrations were well done. Very easy to understand.”

- W.C., Hagerstown, MD


“Love it. I found that reading the questions and researching the answers was more informative to me that following a slide show.”

- T.Q., Tewksbury, MA

“Awesome experience! I learned so much more than sitting in front of a PowerPoint for 15 hours.”

- J.G., Lynn, MA

“Very convenient, and test structure is awesome.”

- J.W., Upton, MA

“Complete your courses at your convenience and wherever you have time.”

-A.L., Hanover, MA

“I found this online method much more informative and convenient than the in person group.”

- G.P., Haverhill, MA

“I work a night shift and it is not easy finding a course that fits my hours. I found the course just right for anyone.”

- R.B., Northbridge, MA

Flexible to complete, don’t have to wait for a weekend class”

- G.O., -Ashland, MA
“It is so convenient to do in your own home and work on it whenever you have time to do it.”
- J.D., Oxford, MA

“Good for a retired contractor if you want to keep license.”

- G.Z., Monson, MA

“Good explanations along with pictures.”

- P.R., Leominster, MA

“It is much better than listening to an instructor, watching a clock, and giving up more than 1 weekend.”

- B.Q., Rockland, MA


“I liked everything about the course.”

- C.R., Boyne City, MI

“Been using your courses for a few years- thanks for the good work on them.”

- E.B., Fenton, MI


“Convenient, and I actually learn the material.”

- M.R., Moorhead, MN

“Course was thorough and challenging while at the same time very easy to navigate.  I could take during my own time from home or work.”

- M.H., Chaska, MN

“Quite happy and learned more than most in person classes!”

- E.Z., Farmington, MN


“Good information, easily explained.”

- D. A., Fenton, MO


“Your courses are the most informative, comprehensive and easily understood of all the courses I’ve attended, both remotely, as well as live classroom type. I simply learn and retain more with your products.”

-D.O., Troy, MT

“I have used your site for years. I love it. I like to do a few questions every day.”

- B., Billings, MT

“I like that I pay and receive my certificate and you folks email the state that CEUs are completed. Fantastic.”

- T.M., Malta, MT

“You are always there to help.”

- C.P., Lincoln, MT

“It is very user friendly.”

- W.A., Great Falls, MT

“Instructor responses to questions asked during test was very helpful.”

- R.D., Sidney, MT


“Thorough explanations and illustrations”

- D.H., Valparaiso, NE

“Very simply explained.”

- K.C., Culberston, NE

New Hampshire

“Thank you for providing this service, and also making it easy to fulfill multiple licensing requirements.”

- L.R., Rochester, NH

“What I liked most was the convenience of completing the course at my leisure.”

- E.B., Lebanon, NH

“What I liked the most was The NEC section and the convenience.”

- T. G., Greenland, NH

“I felt like more engaged with program, than classes I have taken in the past. I didn’t just sit for 15 hours just waiting for the class to get done. I could do a few question and walk away.”

- O. W., Derry, NH

“Easy to use tool. Reliable. The material is really good. Shows the difficulty of the questions.”

- C. M., Nashua, NH

“I actually learned something this time.”

- B. L., Hooksett, NH

“I like doing the course at my own pace in my home”

- D., Pembroke, NH

This is my 3rd or 4th cycle taking this course. What a pleasure, I have never encountered a problem or computer glitch. The program runs flawlessly. The questions are clear and unambigious. The one problem I had with my password (which I created) was quickly handled by customer service.

Richard B -NH

New York

“Distance learning at your own pace and time-frame. It also saves time and money for travel. Subject matters and topics are broken down in layman terms. This makes the course enjoyable.”

- D.E., Albany, NY

“Easy to do from anywhere. Even on the road I was able to access from my I-Phone and get a few questions done here and there.”

- R.T., Romulus, NY

“Great questions!”

- J.S., Jamesville, NY

North Carolina

“The courses are convenient and easy to understand. The courses provide the information needed for each category. Jade’s courses allows you to work at your convenience.”

- C.B., Trenton, NC

“These are good lessons, put together well – and educational.”

- R., Fayetteville, NC

“I like how the questions are written. With the right NEC book are easy to answer.”

- M.E., Jacksonville, NC

“Always very helpful and always took time to answer any questions I had.”

- W. V., Graham, NC

“What I liked the most was taking the course from home with unlimited time to complete.”

- B. C., Raleigh, NC

“The website was easy to navigate. Easy to start and stop.”

- D. M., Roanoke Rapids, NC

“Good website. Easy to understand questions.”

- J. M., Gastonia, NC

“Great info and easy to navigate.”

- P. G., Liberty, NC

“I could perform the test at my own pace and time.”

- W. D., Boone, NC

“Don’t change a thing. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

-G.H., Asheville, NC

Good learning experience year after year.”

-W.M., Fuquay-Varina, NC

“Easy to understand and layout has a nice format.”

- G.H., Asheville, NC

“The courses are convenient and easy to understand. The courses provide the information needed for each category. JADE Learning’s courses allows you to work at your convenience.”

- C.B., Trenton, NC

“Easy to understand, better than the competitors.”

- R.C., Newport, NC

North Dakota

“The course was challenging but not overbearing – very convenient.”

-D., Beulah, ND

“You have a wide variety of approved courses and present a clear path to satisfying multiple states requirements with your continuing education plan.”

-D.H., Willston, ND

“Pace and ease of use.”

- L.C., Granville, ND


“Easy to use on my schedule. I can take my time and read the information.”

- D. N., Garibaldi, OR

“I liked most that answers are explained whether you get the question right or wrong.”

-D.M., Klamath Falls, OR


“Easy to use. Log in log out. Work on class when you have the time.”

- R. C., Altoona, PA

“The price is what I liked most.”

- J.W., Williamsport, PA

“Very easy to follow instructions”

- R.C., Altoona, PA

South Carolina

“I have used your program previously with good results. Very good material, just what I needed.”

- K. H., Murrells Inlet, SC
“Excellent course material!”
- C.H., Greer, SC


“Been using JADE Learning for over ten years and recommend it to everyone I know. Like the fact that you can print the material for future reference. Questions are thorough and formatted for learning the subject-matter.”

- E.R., Brenham, TX

“I’ve been happy with JADE Learning CE for the last 12 years. I like to stay with good service.”

- D.P. Queen City, TX

I have used JADE Learning since the state of Texas has required electricians to have continuing education.. There has never been any problems and you make it all the more easy to complete… Thank you”

- A.B., Diana, TX

“This was the best .. you all out did yourselves… keep up the good work! I have been taking (CE) courses since 1996 and this was the most information I ever got!”

- O.A., Kingwood, TX

“Great content. Easy to understand. Large amount of information available.”

- F.S., Floresville, TX

“I always learn something.”


- K.W., Troup, TX

“I have been using JADE for several years without a single complaint.”

- J.B., River Oaks, TX

“Beautiful, excellent.”

- S.P., Houston, TX

“I always learn something new each time I take a course. I work in the industrial field, but there’s always something new to learn, no matter what course I take.”

- J.M., Lumberton, TX

“The video was well-done and the presentation kept my interest level up.”

- T.L., Rockwall, TX

“Have recommended you on numerous occasions.”

- L.A., Beaumont, TX

JADE Learning is always trying to make the course interesting.”

- S.K., Boerne, TX

“I actually learned from this course.”

- S.J., Haltom City, TX

“It’s just great to go back every year and use the same great class.”

- R. K., Sherman, TX

“I can do it from anywhere.”

- R. L., Azle, TX

“I have always been satisfied with Jade Learning’s high quality of presentations.”

- M. E., Highlands, TX


“I learn more taking your course than I do sitting in a class room.”

- J. J., Brigham City, UT

“I have been using this service for over 20 years- excellent format especially when coordinating programs for multiple states requirements.”

- W.V., Kaysville, UT

“I like the ability to make it work with my hectic schedule.”

- J.K., Hurricane, UT


“Better than sitting in a room full of people listening to someone read the information.”

- R. M., Vergennes, VT


“Extremely convenient. What I liked the most was the Page layout.”

- D. O., Virginia beach, VA

“I can do it at home and it is informative.”

- M.W., Crewe, VA

“I like taking it online at my pace and being able to log in and off when needed.”

- J.G., Daleville, VA


“Valuable information. I would take the courses (even) if they were not required.”

- G.L., Sonora, CA

“Best way to learn.”

- D.T., Temecula, CA

“It works great on an iPad. Your information is useful and rather clear provided one has a code book and some experience. I like you guys and have been with you for years.”

- J.W., Camarillo, CA

“The ease of navigation and clarity of the process makes it so worth it.”

- J.A., Lake Elsinore, CA

“Well thought out questions and easy to understand if carefully read.”

- K. Q., Colton, CA

“Very educational and convenient, a most efficient use of my time!”

- D. O., San Ramon, CA

“Very easy to sign in, and use.”

- J. T., Paso Robles, CA

“Awesome set up and ease of use to take the class.”

- C. A., Hesperia, CA

“This website is extremely convenient and allows you to work at your own pace while taking in a lot of valuable information that can save a life. Keep up the great work.”

- E.I., Baldwin Park, CA

“It is easy to navigate, user friendly and very convenient.”

- E.V., Visalia, CA

“The questions were hard enough that I learned something but not so that I was stressing about finishing.”

- T.K. Long Beach, CA

“Log in and out easily.”

- M.E., Sacramento, CA


“I liked the format. Good mix of questions that required the use of the NEC. Pictures, drawings, and examples are always a good idea.”

- B.L., Delafield, WI

“Easy to navigate, good course materials.”

- P.L., Waukesha, WI