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What can I expect when I take an online course from JADE Learning?

The best CE experience available!  You can register for free on our website and sign up for any online course for free.  Complete your course online, from the comfort of your own home.  Courses can be completed in one sitting, over a few days, or even over a few months.  When you are finished with your course, you will be asked to submit payment.  You can do this online with a credit card, and your certificate will be automatically emailed to you within minutes.  For states where we are permitted to notify the Board, we will also email you an update once your hours have been sent to the state.

When can I take my course?

JADE Learning offers unlimited access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to our online courses. Our online courses can be accessed any time, from any computer with an Internet connection. You can log in and out of courses at any point, and when you log back in, you can return to your first unanswered question.

Webinar courses and classroom courses are available on specific dates at specific times.

Do I need special computer hardware or software to take JADE Learning Courses?

Because JADE Learning is committed to providing accessible continuing education courses, we limit the use of special software needed to view courses. The following online browsers will enable you to take full advantage of our courses:

Firefox – download now 


Google Chrome – download now

If you do not have these software programs installed, they are available free of charge from the manufacturer’s website. Installation is easy and step-by-step instructions for download are provided.

How long does a course take to complete?

It depends on the course and the state. Some states require that the course be timed; in these cases 1 hour of the course is timed as either 50 or 60 minutes.

You will see the required time on the left-hand side of the course main menu.

Do I have to stay on the computer the whole time?

No. All courses save your responses as you submit them, so you can logout whenever you’d like. Answer one question, 10 questions, finish the course…you can complete the course in however many sessions you’d like. Your progress will be saved, and if your course is timed, your accumulated time will also be saved.

How does the course timer work?

For states that have a time requirement, courses are timed for either 50 or 60 minute credit hours. Once you click on a section to begin, you will see your time start to accumulate. You have to be active within the course to keep your time accumulating. If you leave the course or spend too much time on another website, you will be automatically logged out. Once your timer accumulates the required amount of time and you have finished the course, you will be able to proceed to payment. There is no maximum time for any course; you can take as long as you need to complete a course.

Do not attempt to complete more than one course at the same time, across devices or browsers.  This can cause issues with the course timer which will require you to spend more time in each course.

What happens if I fail?

Once you answer all of the questions, if you do not meet a passing score, you will fail the course. You will see a link that says “Click here to give it another shot!”. Clicking on this link will reset your entire course and you will have another chance to pass. If your course is timed, the timer will continue to accumulate time and will not start over.

What is a passing score?

It depends on the state:
70% =  Most states

75% = Some states require a 75% passing score (including FL, NH, UT, VT, WA)

Some states and/or courses do not require a specific passing score.

How do I find my place within the course when I log back in?

Use the Main Menu to select a specific location within the course. The questions that have already been answered have a check mark  or X  next to them.

What do the icons on the Main Menu mean?

The icons next to each section in the Main Menu indicate the following:

The question in the section has not been answered.

The question in the section was answered correctly.

The question in the section was answered incorrectly.

What do the icons on the course pages mean?

After your question has been answered, you may see a comments bubble icon next to the course content. This indicates that other users have had comments about this section, and those comments have been answered by an instructor. If you would like to ask a question, look over these comments first, to see if your question has already been answered. If you would still like to ask a question, you can click on the “I still want to submit my question/ comment” button.

I found a typo/error in the course.

We always proofread and test our courses multiple times, but if you find a typo or something doesn’t seem to be working properly, let us know. Email or call us at 1(800)443-5233.

Will you keep records of my courses?

JADE Learning will maintain confidential records of courses completed. These records can only be accessed by authorized personnel and will not be shared with anyone other than the customer. JADE Learning will never sell your information to anyone. If you need a duplicate certificate to verify course completion, please call us at 1(800)443-5233 or email us at

Why don't you have a course on ______?

If you’d like to see a course offered on a certain topic, let us know. Email or call us at 1(800)443-5233.

Is a webcam required?

For most states and most courses, a webcam is NOT required.

If you are taking an online webinar course, or you are in a state that requires facial recognition for online courses, you will be required to have a webcam.

When you begin the course, you will be enrolled in the security portal.  If you have any issues with your webcam or the system, please contact us at

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