Read What People Are Saying About JADE Learning

I plan on using you again next year and will brag on this website and the content it provides. Well done.

- B.S. / Springfield, OR

30 years in the business and I still learned something new.

- R. Hamilton / Andrews, NC

This course is excellent, convenient for people after work, and I was extremely satisfied with your customer service.

- J. Ayala / Bakersfield, CA

Great organization of material and very good presentation. I learn more with your online course than with the local group class.

- L. Goodrich / Brookings, OR

I have used your services for 10 years and I have been pleased with every aspect.

- J. Francis / Pine Bluff, AR

I really liked the layout of your classes and loved that I could do it all from my Google Phone (how cool was that?!?) I've used you before but forgot my password/login, and when my laptop died I thought I'd give the phone a try.

- T. Berwick / Bumpass, VA

I have used other sites, but none compare to your site. It's just easier to use.

- M. Ventura / Katy, TX

Your system is so simple I didn't have to contact customer service.

- T. Camp / England, AR

Thank you for your contribution to my profession throughout the years.

- W. Messer / Franklinton, NC

I tell every electrician I know about you, you're awesome.

- D. Hamilton / Groveton, NH

I actually feel like I gain something from your courses. I am glad to get the CE training with JADE.

- A. Flournoy / Foreman, AR

I have been in the trade since 1981 and this is the only site that teaches you something.

- E. Williams Jr. / Wilis, TX

I can't believe I learned so much. You guys are the best.

- T. Osburn / Arlington, TX

Easy to use, broad subject matter that I can really use in the field. I think this is my 6th or 7th year using your course.

- K. Waggener / Troup, TX

I recommend this course to all my friends in the business.

- D. Bates / McCalla, AL

Most courses that I have been to area joke. This is the first update course that I actually learned from.

- J. Adams / Richmond, VA

It was easy to get online and see what questions I got right and wrong.

- T. Morgan / Elizabeth City, NC

This course was informative and interesting.

- D. Wittekind / Cullowhee, NC

I liked the narrative associated with each question explaining the difference in the new code.

- R. Taylor / Salt Lake City, UT

I like being able to take my time and go through things carefully. I learn more than sitting in a class room.

- R. Hester / Portland, OR

Very good and in depth.

- J. Lehman / Manquin, VA

JADE is extremely convenient.

- Sal / San City, CA

I was able to do it as my schedule allowed.

- M. Mathisen / Bremerton, MA

It was very convenient and I liked the course format.

- J. Burril / Nampa, ID

I liked completing the course on my own time.

- Andrew E. / Albuquerque, NM

I like the price.

- J. Adams / Smithfield, KY

I liked being able to do the course at home.

- F. Basler / Kent, WA

I found the interactive tool with the instructors quite helpful. Keep up the great and helpful work.

- M. Tarver / Wasilla, AK

It is priced reasonably and I can leave and come back whenever I want.

- Cardona I. / Delta Junction, AK

You make the process fun with no stress.

- E. Dattola / Battleground, WA

I liked being able to do it when I had the time.

- R. Shriver / Chino, CA

If I get interrupted, I can return to it.

- K. Sawyer / Charlotte, NC

It was a good way to complete my requirements. Great pictures.

- R. Maynor / Clute, TX

I liked the coverage of the changes.

- L. Valentine / Gulfport, FL

I like that you report hours every day.

- C. Peircy / Cave City, KY

I liked the layout of the test and the format.

- Matthew / Anchorage, AK

The website was useful and convenient.

- J. Insurriaga / San Antonio, TX

I like that it is challenging and makes you study.

- F. Simmons / Graham, TX

It was very convenient. I like being able to work at home at my own pace.

- M. White / Cushing, ME

I gained knowledge on subjects that I was already comfortable with.

- S. Tribou / Cornish, NH

As I see it right now, don't change a thing.

- T. Morgan / Elizabeth City, NC

Over all great course.

- T. McKissick / Campbell, CA

Your services were extremely convenient to use.

- A. Filice / Veyo, UT

I was very satisfied with your customer service.

- S. Rohbock / Lehi, UT

I gained knowledge with your course.

- H. Kramer / Evansville, IN

Your customer service staff answered my questions extremely well.

- H. Bryan / Bladenboro, NC

Very easy to navigate.

- C. Fulmer / Wasilla, AK

Your course was very convenient to use.

- M. Jones / Brewster, WA

Your course is better than others out there. Good Work.

- N. Whittom / Newport News, VA

Very informative. Makes you think about the topics being discussed in the questions.

- B. Few / Teague, TX

I choose JADE because I know I will learn something when I am finished.

- S. Kelley / Cedar City, UT

Every aspect of the courses is professional and comprehensive. I appreciate the time that this method saves me.

- K. Kindel / Chantilly, VA

I like doing the course at home. You are extremely convenient.

- J. Whitaker / Somerset, KY

Great graphics and good descriptions on code. Questions are written well and require knowledge of the NEC.

- D. Tiblis / Spotsylvania, VA

Very helpful in learning the correct procedures necessary for grounding and bonding.

- B. Ridley / Juneau, AK

Your course was very easy to use.

- C. Baumann / Arohnert Park, CA

All courses were well prepared. I really felt that I learned from the experience.

- A. Hall / Covington, WA

I liked the accuracy and detail of the questions. Appropriate for Code Changes.

- T. McQuire / Salt Lake City, UT

Your customer service staff answered my questions very well.

- R. Russell Jr. / New Durham, NH

It is great you can log off and then resume at any time.

- John. P. / Taylorsville, UT

I liked the ease of knowledge and test answers.

- G. Sorenson / Salt Lake City, UT

Your course was easily accessible.

- C. Foggy Jr. / Dublin, VA

Your courses are convenient and well put together.

- L. Eberhart / Grand Junction, CO

The code changes are explained really well.

- M. Lyman / Springville, UT

I am able to concentrate more and pick up more than in a classroom course.

- R. DiStefano / Hudson, NH

I like not having to locate and go to a class.

- E. Romero / Brenham, TX

This course was very detailed and thoughtfully presented.

- D. Schoenert / San Antonio, TX

It's easy to get in and easy to pay. What more could you want?

- T. Capehart / Commerce, TX

The question design helps you retain the information.

- L. Issacs / Fairfield, TX

Thank you for providing a great experience at a decent price.

- R. Hagan / Ashland, KY

I have been with JADE Learning for 5 years and will into the future.

- I. Perez / LIberty Hill, TX

Good material that is easy to follow.

- T. Irby / Lewiston, ID

Thank you for your support in CEUs for my education.

- P. Max / Boise, ID

I like the easy reading and easy to understand material.

- M. Stewart / Denison, TX

I started months before, and when I came back it was still there.

- G. Bergeron / Barrington, NH

You can stop and start whenever you want.

- B. Harsfiled / Wake Forest, NC

Very clearly worded and the code references were accurate.

- R. Thomson / Fort Worth, TX

I loved being able to take a break and come right back to the course.

- E. Greene / Anchorage, AK

It was convenient because you could work from your couch.

- J. Hotchkiss / Las Vegas, NV

Using JADE Learning, I always increase knowledge that "sticks with you".

- M. Solis / Fort Worth, TX

The payments are easy, safe and secure.

- D. St. Claire / Hobbs, NM

It is super convenient for the working man.

- S. Tillman / Albuquerque, NM

Answering questions in each section helped me better retain the information.

- J. Gardiner / Portland, TX

I really liked the presentation and the course was very convenient.

- R. Felbinger / Janesville, WI

Challenging and yet very intuitive!

- R. Springman / Wasilla, AK

Your site works seamlessly!

- C. Herdon / Euless, TX

Very well done and presented in a very clear and understandable format.

- R. Harley / Charleston, SC

I like that I can do it on my own time from home.

- M. Reed / Fredericksburg, VA

I benefited so much more than a seminar.

- T. Crichton / Berwick, ME

Well written. Very good drawings.

- R. Hildenbrand / Lincoln City, OR

The information makes you think about the problem and learn something from it.

- R. Anderson / Nampa, ID

Great feedback on question answers with a reliable timer.

- B. Pryor / Sedro Woolley, WA

The course was explained well and was easy to understand.

- P. Wagner / Echo, OR

You are not like a lot of other mindless courses.

- M. McPeek / Decatur, TX

Can't wait to do it again with your site.

- T. Zehfus / Puyallup, WA

The text and illustrations were well done. Very easy to understand.

- W. Cunningham / Hagerstown, MD

I will continue to use JADE Learning throughout my career.

- S. Fink / San Francisco, CA

I learned information I wasn't familiar with.

- R. Hankey / El Paso, TX

It was challenging and made you look up the code references.

- B. Daly / Prineville, OR

You people are just great!

- W. Moriarty / North Pole, AK

The responsiveness of instructors was great!

- J. Brown / Fairbanks, AK

It was very organized and informative.

- S. Mays / Beattyville, KY

You are much more convenient than other sites. I have used you exclusively for years.

- J. Wibergy / Kennewick, WA

It really taught me the material.

- R. Wanker / Silverton, OR

Five star courses.

- H. Kramer / Evansville, IN

You are there anytime. I don't have to sit at the hall for 8 hours on a Saturday.

- T. Fardell / Longview, WA

Easy to follow questions and good material to read online.

- D. Pryer / Hobbs, NM

Very good concept and the visual aids are great.

- D. Hansen / New Smyrna Beach, FL

I have two little kids and my wife and I work full time, so there is not extra time. Thank you for your service.

- R. Kaiser Jr. / Rocky Mount, VA

I liked that I didn't have to pay until after I passed.

- E. Fryman / Lexington, KY

This was a great tool at my convenience.

- F. Robles / Richmond, CA

It was actually fun!

- C. Pirillo / Los Angeles, CA

Excellent Job. Keep it up!

- T. Hoggard / Durham, NC

Great all around training and learning in the electrical field.

- C. Howard / Nephi, UT

I have called with questions and have always been given quick answers with great attitude.

- J. Peden / St. Paul, AR

I like the quality of the material and the format.

- K. Rice / Uintah, UT

I have recommended your site to all my co-workers. I would not use any other site and have used you for the last ten years.

- J. Gibson / Salt Lake City, UT

The person who writes your questions is very knowledgeable about the code. The questions were relevant to the installing electrician.

- C. Rydman / Layton, UT

It was great to choose when and how much time to spend on a section.

- R. Greene / York, ME

This is the first year in all the years I've been taking these CE's that I've had a course that didn't sit me in front of the computer and require me to literally read sections of the code. I do that already! This course made the process fun and I actually gained a learning experience from it.

- D. Sherry / San Antonio, TX

You can do multiple states with ease.

- R. Bunnitt / Greene, ME

It actually tests me on the NEC and State requirements.

- R. Boucher / Alvarado, TX

You can start and stop it as you need. And you don't pay for it until you pass the course.

- D. Wein / Lavaca, AR

I have used Jade from the beginning the questions causes you to have to go to the NEC which helps in finding where things are in the NEC and to better understand the NEC.

- T. Griffin / Mineral Wells, TX

Good combination of code and practical experience.

- J. Lisenbe Jr. / Mineral Wells, TX

The safety section sure made you think about safety.

- O. Burton / Phoenix, AZ

I like the choices offered. I was able to take a course that relates to the type of electrical work that I do.

- F. Swindoll / Lubbock, TX

You brought back subjects that I had completely put aside thank you very much.

- A. Gonzalez / San Antonio, TX

Very good course, convenient, easy to use, work at your own pace, if you fail you get another chance at no charge, what else do you want?

- R. Hardin / Spokane, WA

It is a very good course. Easy to navigate and answer.

- F. Davis / Erwin, TN

Very informative and easy to use.

- J. Toppass / Lexington, KY

Easy to operate for even the technology impaired.

- T. Zehfus / Puyallup, WA

I learned and retained more.

- K. Belair / Rochester, NH

Overall great course.

- T. McKissick / Campbell, CA

I liked going at my own pace.

- J. Roberts / Fredericksburg, VA

You can take all the time you need.

- J. Fizer Sr. / Spotsylvania, VA

I like the ability to work at my own pace.

- D. Johnson / Boise, ID

JADE courses are available 24/7 and easy to take.

- G. Barfield / Mt. Holly, NC

Comprehensive course materials in a user friendly format.

- J. Brickey / Longview, WA

I liked the ease of use and clarity.

- P. Reyda / Chantilly, VA

Everything was great.

- T. Voneye / Burlington, KY

It is all very user friendly and overall I believe you are a great service.

- J. Williams / Pearland, TX

Loved it.

- B.J. Allen / Powell Butte, OR

I have used Jade Learning for at least 10 years and always go back. I have received competitor coupons in the mail all the time. I actually checked into a couple of them because they were cheaper. after reading all the small print I found myself back at Jade.

- M. Hoover / Eatonville, WA

Convenient and easy to use for the computer illiterate.

- C. Newman / Burnsville, NC

I found it very easy to navigate. The information was accessible and easy to understand. It was also nice to be able to go at my own pace. Thanks for a great experience.

- T. Zike / Yakima, WA

Well thought out courses to update critical technical knowledge for the state required CE requirements.

- W. Flowers / Virginia Beach, VA

Thank you for providing a very convenient alternative to continuing education. No longer do I have to spend an entire Saturday at a far away location to gain my hours.

- D. Love / Brownsville, KY

Easy to take, and phone assistance is excellent.

- J. Stansell / Nashville, TN

The online courses are really good. I learn and re-learn every time I do one.

- J. Stansell / Nashville, TN

Your NC classroom courses are excellent. Don Hursey is hands down the best Code instructor I have ever heard.

- J. Stansell / Nashville, TN

I was able to print the course and answer the questions in my spare time.

- C. Waybright / Highlands, TX

Easy to use. Factual and informative with great features: start and stop, ease of return, and showing me the % of people who correctly answered a question.

- T. Priess / Wilmington, NC

Easy to access, leave and comeback to continue. I have been using Jade Learning for years now and it just keeps getting better.

- T. Hayzlett / Powhatan, VA

Every time I have called in with a question you have been able to give me the right answer in a couple of minutes.

- T. Hayzlett / Powhatan, VA

I love that it tells me my score as I take the test.

- T. Kuykendall / Morganton, NC

The information and training was very informative and related to my work.

- R. Merker / Louisville, KY

This fits my busy schedule and I will use Jade again.

- R. Merker / Louisville, KY

It was great that I could do this without taking time off or traveling.

- T. Pirkle / Carlsbad, NM

I really liked all the details, drawings, references and links.

- J. Duncan / Plano, TX

This was a true educational experience. I learn so much more than I ever do in seminars where class can get sidetracked.

- V. Gauthier / Waitsfield, VT

Being able to start and then come back where you left off makes it easy to fit around your schedule.

- L. Massey / Little Rock, AR

It was easy to navigate through, stop and return with ease.

- J. Hampton / Dayton, TX

It was great that I could read the material and study at my own pace without wasting a day of work and pay.

- R. Tabaka / Clifton, NJ

I have used JADE Learning for the last 7 years and would not think about going somewhere else. Very clear, concise and convenient for me every year. No kidding. It's true.

- C. Ausely / Midland, TX

The test format required me to learn about the code changes.

- T. McCormic / Corydon, KY

I'm in Peru and it worked great for me. I love the new "installer on the ground" feature. I don't know what to call it. It was part of the electric vehicle test. It makes you make the call of pipe to use and fill and whatnot. It could be very useful for green journeymen (or any) in training to build self confidence when you are on the job alone.

- C. Workman / Milwaukie, OR

I always learn something. That's good.

- E. Davis / Hampstead, NC

I like the way it is easy to look up additional information about the subject. It makes learning fun.

- C. Spears / Johnson City, TN

I was able to take a course at the best time for me in the comfort of my own home.

- A. Anderson / Chesapeake, VA

I like the convenience of doing a little bit at a time.

- T. Bengochea / Bothell, WA

I feel your company was concerned about me as a student.

- P. Alexander / Deer Park, TX

I was able to stop and digest what I was learning.

- T. Watson / Fort Worth, TX

You get more out of the code changes and why they were made.

- B. Tenney / Antrim, NH

The questions were at several levels of difficulty so it wasn't too hard or too easy.

- B. Warren / Auburn, WA

Precise and to the point. It is easy to review if you are not sure of an answer.

- C. Mattix / Midlothian, TX

Believe it or not, out of all the training I must do every year to stay on top of the power industry, this is the only one I look forward to because I actually learn something new every time.

- C. Mattix / Midlothian, TX

It was very simple to understand and navigate through the questions.

- N. Armstrong / Frankfort, KY

I enjoyed going through the questions and the diagrams and illustrations were very helpful.

- N. Armstrong / Frankfort, KY

I actually learn something from your courses.

- B. Payne / Big Sandy, TX

Thanks for letting me go at my own pace and making the information available to me.

- L. Camacho / Lovington, NM

Easy and convenient to use while still very educational.

- S. Weber / Portland, OR

I've used another site for my other licenses and it doesn't compare to what JADE Learning offers in the way of code update, information and instruction.

- L. Meiers / Albuquerque, NM

The ability to get in and out without losing what I have completed was great.

- Q. Minton / Fayetteville, AR

Regarding your classroom training, I like the in depth information presented by Mr. Hursey. He knows the code and changes very well and does a good job helping the students understand the material. He is very helpful and seems to look forward to any questions that may come up.

- M. Williams / Seven Springs, NC

It's easy to access and navigate, convenient to accomplish when I have time to get it done.

- J. Arwine / Renton, VA

I could take all the time I needed at any time day or night. I didn't have to cram it all in two or three days.

- H. Wells / Wolfeboro, NH

Your courses are professionally designed and delivered.

- R. Kyser / Dallas, TX

The material is in depth yet easy to grasp.

- P. Byerly / Lexington, NC

It is great my account is saved from year to year and I can quickly see which courses I have completed.

- C. Miller / Glen Rose, TX

I have used JADE for several years and have always been satisfied with the entire process. Keep up the good service.

- C. Miller / Glen Rose, TX

I have never needed your customer service because I can work the website without assistance.

- W. Murray / Everett, WA

JADE Learning courses have been great.

- A. Johnson / Elizabethtown, NC

JADE is a recognized and respected name in the world of continuing education, in that my state DOPL approves and accepts their continuing education program certifications. The curriculum is straightforward and cutting edge, and I especially appreciate that I can "Deal with it, Do it and Done with it" in the minimal required time frames allocated. Being able to do what I needed to do online and with 'Jade' electronically notifying my state daily I am able to renew my license quickly and easily.

- G. King / Ogden, UT

Easy and convenient for my work schedule.

- S. Curtis / Bremerton, WA

I could go at my own pace and I learned more than in a regular classroom setting.

- C. Barnes / Knoxville, TN

Informative and comprehensive. I enjoy the continuing education!

- R. McNeil / Houston, TX

I had difficulty in finding a particular approved course on the authorized list. I called the office and she sent the approval letter verifying the course I inquired about along with a contact number to the State Alarm Board. Melody was very professional and efficient in providing me with the assistance I needed. - Super customer service - Thanks.

- M. Appner / Burnsville, NC

Directions were easy to understand. Material easy to understand.

- J. Bond / Bryan, TX

I have recommended your course to many electricians. It is very convenient , easy to follow , and very educational.

- N. Jarvis / Cornish, NH

The format and the layout of the questions and the material to study for each question, plus the personnel you have onboard, very professional and pleasant.

- E. Douglas / Lamesa, TX

Thank You!! Also very happy that it can be used in other states and you take care of it all!!!

- T. Haynes / Kennewick, WA

I can do it at my own time when I get off work - love it.

- J. Johnson / Murchison, TX

I have been using Jade for 8 of the 17 years I have had my Oregon general journeyman?s license and have enjoyed every course. Jade beats the pants off the state classes ten ways to Sunday! I feel I get more out of the Jade classes.

- D. McClure / Lebanon, OR

I think the course is great as is. It would have been helpful to me to have a 2014 code book, but I'm doing this at the last minute and appreciate the fact that it's possible to learn and complete the course without the book. If I find this isn't practical in part 2, it will be my fault, not yours. Thank you!

- S. Batie / Truckee, CA

Really makes you think and use the code book, it's not a give me type deal, you really do get the continuing education out of it.

- W. Charo / Hobbs, NM

I have been taking these courses with Jade Learning for several years now and what I like most is the presentation and the material that is covered. The Q/A is also a nice feature.

- S. Rose / Lytle, TX

Completing the course in the comfort of my home on my time. Also not losing a weekend of my own time. Price was good as well.

- M. Primeau / Concord, NH

Great Course.

- L. Buckley / Detroit, TX

The explanation of the code is very precise!!!

- R. HEFFNER / Shelby, NC

Ease of working from home

- S. Johnston / Jupiter, FL

Course outline easy to understand, works good for anyone one the go and can be worked on as you get time.

- Doran / Prineville, OR

Easy to use, expedient forwarding of information to TDLR, anytime I have contacted your office by phone staff has been very knowledgeable and professional and I have used your service for about 8 years

- C. Block / Port Neches, TX

Each explanation was comprehensive and clear, which ,of course, makes learning enjoyable

- R. Oaks / Dacula, GA

Really makes you work. Great refresher.

- J. Brooks / Hendersonville, NC

Very easy to understand. Instructors are very prompt at returning any answers to questions submitted

- F. Siegmund / Vancouver, WA

Unfortunately, I am not able to really compare your courses to your competition because I tried using Jade the first time I had to renew my Certification and liked it very much. Have never tried any other course. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

- F. Siegmund / Vancouver, WA

I am a return customer and will continue to come back!!

- W. Martin / El Paso, TX

Convenient !! Used it on last day before my license expired.

- J. Jackson / Tatum, TX

I have been using Jade for a few years, but one year I used another course, and it was very hard to navigate around on my computer.

- S. Knox / Hideaway, TX

I believe JADE Learning is the best Continuing Education for the field, and will continue to refer JADE to my colleagues.

- D. Hodge / Smithville, TX

Useful and realistic- they cause me to read the questions and discussion carefully.

- J. Crouch / Dayton, MT

It was thorough and overall gave a good way to review the complete code.

- C. Moss / Lawrenceville, GA

Ease of access and ability to complete the courses over an extended period of time.

- J. Allen / Thomasville, GA

Good refresher; great customer service.

- J. Benson / Palmer, AK

I enjoy working with your system. Great Job. I use only Jade Learning.

- S. Faulkner / Lubbock, TX

Y'all do a fine job, thank you.

- R. Woods / Danbury, NC

Easy to use; quick (same day) reporting back to the Electrical Board.

- K. Elowitz / Cary, NC

The course makes you carefully read through each section of the Code changes in order to answer the questions correctly. The in-person seminars I have attended tend to consist of an instructor reading through the changes with no challenges to the attendees to actually pay attention. I probably picked up and retained more information this time around with this course than I ever had with any in-person seminars.

- L. Robicheau / Rochester, NH

Keep up the good work.

- D. Arriola / Mission, TX

Great course selection. I have used and will continue to use Jade Learning for my Electrical CE hours.

- C. Myers / Temple, TX

Too many CE providers tout that there is no exam which begs the question is learning actually going on? It is excellent that you seek to educate and not merely collect a fee.

- S. Warren / Houston, TX

I like that you actually learn from the courses.

- S. Truesdell / Gainesville, TX

It's challenging which helps me retain the knowledge. Most people I know just wanna get it over with cheap & easy, but I want to continue learning my profession!

- D. Shrum / Lubbock, TX

Your company is the only company I have ever used. I trust you getting my info to the State of Texas!

- Anonymous / El Paso, TX

This is my 2nd or 3rd time taking your course and the improvements you have made over the years have just gotten better and better.

- B. Mitchell / Astoria, OR

I want to say this is the best online training. ?I have used JADE for many years and would not think of going anywhere else. Thank you for all the effort put into this.

- P. Bates / Houston, TX

I feel your courses are always very informative.

- Vander / Santa Clara, NM

Its was convenient and priced right

- L. Johnson / Goffstown, NH

This was by far the most informative CE course that I have taken. Question and answer was very educational. Other classes I have taken are just for the money and time. You sit there and listen to someone talk, and get your certificate. You get very little out of it. Your course was great! Best of all, I could do it at my own pace and when I had time.?

- K. Cronk / Wellston, OK

I've used this service for over ten years and have been thoroughly satisfied.

- P. Scott / Four Oaks, NC

I always learn something new & it's a great refresher course too. I've been using Jade Learning for several years now ! Its time & money well spent....always gotten my money worth! Thanks!

- B. Hayes / Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Always a pleasure taking your courses. Thanks again.

- K. Bates / Gresham, OR

As far as I am concerned there is no other training organization in this industry and that can hold a candle to you. Please keep doing what you do so very well. You education courses are truly a great asset and service to the trade.

- Anonymous / ,

I have been teaching HVAC and LEB code classes for more than I decade, so I have seen many different presentation formats. Yours is definitely one of the most professionally laid out and intuitive to use that I have had the opportunity to see.

- P. Rooney / Salem, OR

I have been in business for 45 years and still learned many new things. All of my employees use JADE Learning.

- J. Ranson / Winston-Salem, NC

Relevancy. I have used JADE online for many years now. After attending two live (in person) seminars and meeting the owner, I was convinced that Jade provides the most useful education I can get for updates. I can find CEUs for less cost -- I prefer to learn relevant and valuable information pertaining to my trade (over saving a few bucks). Your costs are WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT and reasonably competitive. Your material is far and above better prepared and more professionally delivered than most others. Your online format is easily used and the website is easy to navigate.

- R. Eldridge / Tampa, FL

The false alarm prevention was incredible!! I didn't know has much I thought I did. Loved it.

- J. Hickman / Wilmington, NC

Convenient for a guy who works a lot and has two kids under two so has very little free time.

- D. Kier / Chattanooga, TN

There are numerous advantages to your online classes. It does not have to be completed in one day, You can spend an hour here, 2 hours there, 30 minutes at the end of the shift. Good courses laid out well. I learned a lot and had fun doing so. Once you go JADE, you won't go back.

- R. Miller / Bend, OR

I will continue to use JADE Learning, keep up the great service.

- C. Miller / Glen Rose, TX

Keep up the good work. JADE Learning courses are truly designed for those of us that work in the field and have limited amounts of time for completing CE requirements. The courses are easy to use and navigate and present those topics that are truly relevant to my every day jobsite. Thanks JADE!!!

- J. Torres / Roswell, NM

I was able to complete most of my courses on my phone during lunches. I like the ability I have to review the course work as needed.

- R. Fletcher / Taylorsville, UT

Ease of access and use. The last two renewal cycles I've used my iPad to complete course, which was very convenient.

- J. Bevan / Salt Lake City, UT

Very comprehensive and just the right degree of difficulty.

- P. Briley / Salinas, CA

Being able to start and stop when I had time, I am very busy so this took a couple of months. It fit perfect into my schedule.

- R. Foster / San Jacinto, CA

The log in and start up were very user friendly. The results were sent to the BCD in Oregon in a very timely fashion. It was very easy to work through the system and the questions were such that you learned by doing the research.

- M. Clipfell / Redmond, OR

I liked how easy the website and course were to use.

- R. / Island City, OR

It covers the material that is relevant to my profession.

- C. Barker / Riverton, UT

Online and informative. Covered the major changes in a clear and concise way.

- L. Hall / Huntsville, AL

I have always used JADE, and always pleased for NC and VA.

- Z. Metz / Winchester, VA

I have been a master electrician since 1978 and have used JADE for several years. I have enjoyed your services immensely!

- M. Nicholes / Draper, UT

Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- D. Parker / Campbell, MO

I thought the sections were interesting and the test questions were good. I liked the online format.

- B. Scoville / Salt Lake City, UT

I like being able to send a comment about individual questions.

- B. Wooldridge / Salt Lake City, UT

Convenient and easy to understand.

- M. / Woodland, NC

It was easy to complete yet I still was able to learn a lot of new code changes I didn't know!

- N. Higgins / St. George, UT

A lot of options for course selection. Been using JADE for many years now.

- L.M. / Canyon Lake, TX

JADE Learning was ahead of the curve back when I was having to travel to get to continuing education classes, and I've used them ever since.

- D.K. / Greensburg, KY

I like the interactive learning method! I have two free code updates offered to me, which I decline, I would rather pay for this course because so much better than sitting in a room for two days.

- C. R. / Merrimack, NH

Everything was great and illustrations were wonderful.

- K. Burke / Oklahoma City, OK

You are the best and a complete life saver.

- B. Greene / York, ME

I have used JADE Learning in the past and have been pleased with your following through in regards to reporting my completed course results with the Dept. of Labor here in Washington State. Thanks again.

- D. Dunn / Seattle, WA

It is informative and broad based. I feel like I get a strong overview of important code changes. The questions make sure I understand the code without being tedious or too simple.

- B. Barton / Riverton, UT

The fact that I can take the course to fit my (very hectic) schedule is fantastic!

- D. Barlow / Lancaster, OH

I liked that I could continue the course at my pace, as time was available, and come back to it at any time at the same place where I left off. I also like that I could pay after successful completion of the training.

- M.S. / Apple Valley, CA

JADE Learning year after year always provides the best classroom atmosphere. Informative and relaxing. Online course is also offered in all aspects of the Code.

- W. Diehl / Swannanoa, NC

That you had a variety of subjects for review. I actually enjoyed my 4 hours of CE for a change. I will definitely be back and so will all of my employees.

- S. Dyer / Bryan, TX

Not paying until you pass is really cool. To me you guys are really here to help all of us... Pay when you pass, and if you don't pass, you can take it again but only pay once.

- B. Graham / Greenland, NH

I have been able to absorb much more of the material by doing this course online. I can actually study the changes as I answer the questions.

- L. Williams / Lawton, OK

Great, straightforward approach to continuing education.

- D. Shea / Claremont, NH

Explanations to code changes were very well done. The system worked perfectly. It was the most informative CEU course I have taken.

- D. Glasier / Shawnee, OK

Easy to do from anywhere. Even on the road I was able to access from my iPhone and get a few questions done here and there.

- R. Testa / Romulus, NY


- M. Dominguez / El Paso, TX

I took 8 hours of class and really enjoyed the instructors. I like the online courses because of the ease of doing it at my time and not having to rush through it? THANK YOU!!!

- R.P. / Pinebluff, NC

I really think I will remember a lot of the new changes because of your visual, written format.

- E. Thompson / Long Beach, CA

Easy to navigate, easy to pay, reasonable prices, and quick reporting to credential agency.

- K.V. / Oakfield, WI

You are providing a much needed service for our country`s work force.

- G.L. / Santa Fe, NM

I was able to really learn the information.

- J. / Seattle, WA

Good questions - relevant to work on the job.

- S. / Anaheim, CA

ONLINE, Good Questions, next day delivery to state and printable questions for review.

- J. Coats / Chesapeake, VA

Very informative instructors who get in depth with what they are explaining.

- D.C. / Raleigh, NC

Top notch. Hope JADE is going ot be around for a long time.

- M.B. / Youngsville, NC

I have used you before and liked the service - ease of use was a big factor.

- J.B. / Roswell, NM

I've taken JADE CE courses for several years now. Love the format and the illustrations are great.

- L.S. / Blanchard, OK

It's very simple and educational

- J. / Frazier Park, CA

I've used JADE Learning for years. It is very user friendly and logical in its design. I regularly recommend it.

- S.D. / Dallas, TX

It was challenging enough I actually learned something, you didn't just give me the answer.

- S. / Carlsbad, NM

I've only used JADE Learning and am completely satisfied.

- D.P. / Killeen, TX

It's convenient; I didn't have to leave home.

- V.W. / Salem, OR

I learned something, and it was very easy to navigate.

- S.D. / Batson, TX

A few years ago I tried a cheaper site. I never got it to work and lost money. Lesson learned. Thanks for dependable and consistent customer service.

- G.S. / Dawson, TX

As I am of an older generation, I find this course user friendly also. (I'm not the best on computers)

- G.S. / Dawson, TX

I actually learned something :)

- C.G. / Tuscaloosa, AL

You have made NEC study courses enjoyable!

- N.P. / Gainesville, FL

Well worth the money. I took the cheaper classes last year - the cheaper class very boring and I learned nothing.

- S.A. / South Padre Island, TX

I have been using your program for over 10 years and I find it consistently easy to use.

- J.B. / Milton, WA

I liked the fact that you could take more than one course before paying for them and that the work could be done at my convenience.

- L.B. / Homer, AK

It was more knowledgeable than sitting in a lecture and more interacting.

- L. / Camas, WA

All in all GREAT!!! I've been using JADE since 2001.

- R.S. / Wasilla, AK

What I like most about the course is the details of where you stand throughout the training.

- B.P. / Nine Mile Falls, WA

Easy access, whenever I had time.

- B.E. / Deerfield, NH

Your customer service helped me when I had login problems.

- M.G. / Austin, TX

Fast, friendly and courteous.

- M.G. / Austin, TX

I felt a strong sense of accomplishment when I finished the California course.

- N.R. / Fairfield, CA

It's the best continuing education experience I've ever had!

- G.P. / Sellersburg, IN

The ability to start and stop the training. It's nice to be able to plan different times to do it. I did it over a two day period instead of using a Saturday afternoon to do it.

- G.P. / Sellersburg, IN

Very though. Challenging. I really learned a lot about the reasoning behind the code.

- J.M. / Walnut Creek, CA

Always educational and informative.

- R.S. / Garland, TX

Keep up the good work.

- R.C. / Altoona, PA

I can complete it at my leisure.

- B.N. / Middleton, NH

I learn good stuff every time I take one of your courses. I also like the ability to online chat with someone about the questions and answers.

- C.B. / Santa Maria, CA

Thorough materials and information, excellent order of planned review of questions and applied information to be referenced and reviewed providing continued education.

- P.L. / Bakersfield, CA

Can use an iPad.

- A.T. / Pelham, AL

I like the courses. That is why I keep coming back to JADE Learning every year.

- R.E. / Rosharon, TX

Same as always: easily accessible from anywhere technology allows with a range of courses from which to choose.

- C.R. / Bandera, TX

I have been taking your courses for many years now... your commentary and pictures assist in interpretation in conjunction with the Code articles. Enjoy the courses.

- J.D. / Battleground, WA

Pricing is fair. Customer support is amazing. The wallet feature is very user friendly, and I like how it saves all my activity and courses I have completed.

- Anonymous / ,

This is the second time I have used JADE Learning ? everything is straight forward and easy to follow.

- W.B. / Simi Valley, CA

Educational and Enjoyable.

- E.E. / Ocala, FL

Great explanations.

- K.P. / Sixes, OR

(See What Others are Saying System) follow-up questions from students is does clear up a lot of confusion.

- J.W. / Lawton, OK

It was more challenging than attending a course in person. The course was great.

- J.F. / Fredericksburg, VA

It's fantastic that you allow people to take the courses and pay later. The site is very professional and easy to use. The questions are set up to make you really think before you answer. Great job!!

- C.F. / Irvine, CA

Online graphics and layout was very nice. Excellent website. Navigation and ability to return to pages was very easy.

- B. / San Luis Obispo, CA

Very informative.

- R.T. / Red Oak, TX

I liked how clearly everything is presented and the pictures.

- A.A. / Chesapeake, VA

The format is very user friendly.

- T.S. / Stockton, CA

Great job. Keep it up!

- K.R. / Elizabethtown, KY


- H.P. / Burlington, NC

Easy to use and very convenient.

- B.B. / Roseburg, OR

You guys are great and your program is awesome.

- P.J. / Glendora, CA

The convenience, I had to log out because I was doing it in between work and taking calls, and when I logged back in it picked up right where I left off.

- T.S. / Charlotte, NC

I did it pool side in my spare time.

- S.D. / North Port, FL

You have excellent online courses which are very descriptive and easy to understand.

- W.W. / Sanford, NC

Organized format and easy to understand information.

- W.W. / Sanford, NC

Really enjoyed the video. I believe I got more out of the video than the previous years.

- C.C. / Abilene, TX

The courses actually taught me something in my field. I have taken some that were a waste of my time and money just to get the CEU's I needed. Thanks Guys!

- M.M. / Lubbock, TX


- R.P. / Chapel Hill, NC

Interaction, I was tired of the click and wait CE courses.

- E.K. / Scurry, TX

Very comprehensive, easy to access and flawless operation on the net.

- D.P. / Deltona, FL

I thought it was pretty informative. I liked the illustrations included in the questions.

- D.V. / Redmond, OR

JADE Learning is by far the best way to complete CE, I like that I can take my time, and can walk away if needed.

- M.W. / Warrenton, OR

User friendly, concise and informative.

- D.S. / Phoenix, AZ

Honestly everything that JADE presents and offers is spot on!

- D.P. / Deltona, FL

Being able to start and stop when I need to helps me maintain a busy schedule.

- J.H. / Farmington, NM

I did not have to drive 100 miles to take the update class.

- K.W. / Litchfield, ME

Courses were extremely easy to sign up for and I loved being able to work on a few sections, walk away for a bit, come back and do some more. Courses were easy to understand and navigate.

- D.S. / Heppner, OR

Makes learning code changes understandable.

- P.N. / Nampa, ID

I have already used the new code changes several times in different applications in the field. Sitting in a class does not require you to actually study the changes. I get more out of actually reading and thinking about a correct answer. Price point is competitive as well. Also very user friendly to be able to start and stop whenever the student wants.

- B.T. / Salem, OR

Your system is the best that I have used, it is the most informative, and I tell all the electricians that I know to use it! Nice job making it easy for the working man!

- B.Y. / Aumsville, OR

I live in a rural area in Oregon and this is a very convenient way to get my update done.

- P.C. / Mount Vernon, OR

I learned about new changes that are most important to me.

- P.S. / Turlock, CA

Very good material and good presentation.

- P.G. / Mustang, OK

Easy, cheap, and I learned something.

- R.M. / San Diego, CA

JADE Learning made this process better, and I even learned something.

- R.B. / Redmond, OR

Excellent material, easy to understand, & efficient testing method.

- F.L. / Brownsville, TX

I had a power loss with 2 questions left, you guys saved it, and I finished it. Thank you.

- R.B. / Redmond, OR

Renew license without leaving home.

- J.J. / Fairfield, CA

I have always used JADE in the past and feel they are very informative at explaining code changes.

- H.K. / Winchester, VA

The layout of the website was real easy to use.

- A.S. / Eatonville, WA

The content was amazing. I also like how you don't have to pay for the course until you complete it.

- J.S. / Roseville, CA

Informative, entertaining, knowledgeable instructors.

- W.M. / Raleigh, NC

Great course, easy to read and understand. I like how each question has a difficulty Rating, Progress, and Score as you go.

- S.S. / Kenai, AK

JADE is the best. Good locations, great instructors.

- K.K. / Mt. Holly, NC

Professional presentation! Well thought out, user friendly, engaging.

- D.H. / Mt. Jackson, VA

100% better than going to instructor led classes.

- D.S. / Alcalde, NM

Easy process to pick the courses, take the course, make the payment, and receive certificate.

- C. / El Cajon, CA

Don't change a thing. JADE Learning is the only service I have used.

- B.E. / Farmington, NM

Easy to access, excellent material, informative, and hassle free documentation quickly attained.

- J.G. / Anchorage, AK

I thoroughly enjoy the programs and the teacher Don Hursey. He is the best teacher I have had. I will always use JADE Learning for my continuing education.

- W.C. / Aulander, NC

This year’s online video and instructors and illustrations were awesome.

- L.V. / Amarillo, TX

JADE Learning has been my educator from day one. No other to compare.

- D.D. / Mt. Pleasant, TX

Excellent program. Easily to be utilized from the comfort of home. Very thorough as well as enlightening. Highly recommended. Best pricing available.

- SparkyVee / Livermore, CA

Well laid out test, informative, easy to learn no pressure. Loved it!

- Anonymous / , OK

I was in license renewal office today and another electrician mentioned that he did his CEU's through a JADE Learning Competitor and the CEU's weren't reported to the state. Now his license is in jeopardy. Made me glad I've been with JADE Learning through the years where I've never had an issue. Thank you.

- G.T. / Lake Stevens, WA

Easy to use. Factual and informative with great features: start and stop, ease of return, and showing me the % of people who correctly answered a question.

- A.L. / Stockton, CA

JADE Learning is excellent.

- R.H. / Georgetown, TX

The courses enlighten us and are what we are wanting.

- R.H. / Montgomery, AL

The course is simple to complete and can be done on my schedule. It also gives good information in a good format.

- R.R. / Pinetown, NC

It was easy to do.

- L.B. / Metairie, LA

Online....easy to read, interactive, well done.

- T.L. / Anchorage, AK

Good course- makes you work and learn!

- P.L. / Mead, WA

I have licenses in many states, and you provide one-stop shopping for me.

- W.A. / Albuquerque, NM

Well written, great illustrations.

- P.M. / Monkton, VT

Convenience and ease of navigating the site. Reliability of getting CE info to TDLR here in Texas.

- M.B. / Llano, TX

Great course, better than classroom.

- W.O. / Lexington, KY

Very good way to learn.

- B.W. / Cascade, WI

You are the first and only service I have used. Why hunt around when I already have what I need? :-)

- M.B. / Llano, TX

User friendly, clear questions, excellent explanations & illustrations. I can take the courses at my own time.

- L.C. / Redmond, OR

Very useful site, challenging questions, and a great learning tool.

- J.B. / Kalispell, MT

I have no criticisms. You have a great organization.

- S.F. / Mill Valley, CA

I'll recommend it to all my friends.

- L.P. / La Puente, CA

I like the online experience. I think JADE Learning has done an excellent job in using solid teaching techniques that allow me to absorb the material.

- K. / Spokane, WA

Great course. Very informative. Easy to follow and work at your pace.

- M.B. / Juneau, AK

Very informative.

- S.S. / Lockhart, TX

It's challenging, rewarding and fun.

- N.M. / Fairbanks, AK

What I like most is the feeling of satisfaction from reading and understanding correctly, having the situational awareness, and being able to tell some of the other users or even myself why the question was not answered correctly. I like the layout. Great company with a common sense approach to teaching the electrical code in a way that is clearly a great learning method. What I like most is the feeling of satisfaction from reading and understanding correctly, having the situational awareness, and being able to tell some of the other users or even myself why the question was not answered correctly. I like the layout. Great company with a common sense approach to teaching the electrical code in a way that is clearly a great learning method

- N.M. / Fairbanks, AK

Easy to follow, good information.

- K.S. / Carlsbad, CA

I really like the format of this course and how it is constructed so that the questions make sense. Like all electrical courses, one has to read the question carefully and double check your answers before selecting the correct response. I really enjoy doing the course.

- R.E. / Portland, OR

I recently completed a couple of jobs where the inspections did not pass. The very reasons were covered and apparent as I progressed through the course. Wish I had taken the course first...I researched the code but missed the "fine print" so to speak.

- D.H. / Louisville, KY

The best visual explanations I have seen.

- A. / San Antonio, TX

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