Phenolic Duct Systems: Pros and Cons

By: JADE Learning | Jan 06, 2021

Phenolic insulation is an alternative to galvanized sheet metal. Many HVAC professionals have turned to this option when installing or replacing duct systems. Learn about some of the pros and cons of phenolic duct systems to determine if it might be right for your project.  

Pros of Phenolic Duct Systems 

Some of the advantages that make a phenolic duct system viable for HVAC professionals include: 

  • Lighter weight. Phenolic duct systems weigh considerably less than steel or fiberglass systems. The reduced weight of phenolic systems is ideal for replacement projects in old buildings that may have a hard time supporting the weight of a metal system.
  • Longer sections. Phenolic duct systems come in longer lengths than metal, making them easier and faster to transport and install.  
  • Saves space. Because there’s no need to install a separate layer of insulation on a phenolic setup, it can be installed flush against ceilings, walls, and floors.  
  • Easy to modify. Phenolic systems are flexible and easy to modify to adapt to unusual designs and improvisations.  
  • Easy to integrate. Phenolic systems can easily integrate with existing metal duct work, so you don’t need to tear down an entire system just to replace one particular section.  
  • Easy to install. Phenolic ducts are a single-fix installation with no need to install insulation as a separate step, saving both time and money during the installation process. 

For home and building owners, using a phenolic duct system brings a host of additional benefits such as fire and smoke resistance, low air leakage, better air quality, and increased efficiency and energy savings. 

Cons of Phenolic Duct Systems 

The many benefits of phenolic duct systems easily outweigh the few disadvantages, which include: 

  • Strength and durability. The alternative, galvanized metal duct systems, are strong and durable and provide a long-lasting system that is difficult to puncture or damage.  
  • Commonality. While phenolic ducts are rising in popularity, traditional metal systems remain the most common. As such, the materials and labor may be easier to come by for traditional systems 

Improve Your HVAC Knowledge 

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