Identification of Equipment Grounding Conductors

By: JADE Learning | Jun 12, 2013

Electrical Continuing Education.

Today John Hauck and David Burtt discuss the identification of equipment grounding conductors according to the 2011 National Electrical Code. This is part 3 of a 3 part series on identifying conductors.

How are equipment grounding conductors identified?

250.119. Equipment grounding conductors can be bare, covered or insulated. If insulated and No. 6 AWG or smaller, equipment grounding conductors must have a continuous outer finish that is either green or green with one or more yellow stripes.

When can an equipment grounding conductor be taped at the terminations?

250.119(A). For conductors larger than No. 6 AWG, insulated conductors can be taped at each end and at every point where the conductor is accessible to identify them as equipment grounding conductors. They can be taped green, colored green, or the insulation can be stripped for the entire length of the conductor.

When a raceway is used as an equipment grounding conductor, must it be identified as an equipment grounding conductor?

No. As long as the cable or raceway is one of the types listed in 250.119, it can be used as an equipment grounding conductor without further identification.

Equipment Grounding Conductor
Properly Identified Equipment Grounding Conductor

What other questions or comments do you have about identifying equipment grounding conductors? Share them in the comments below. Stay tuned for part 3 of this discussion on conductor identification.

About the Authors

John Hauck is an instructor in electrical technology at Long Beach City College, CA, and the recipient of the 2007 Excellence in Teaching Award from the California Community College Association of Occupational Educators.

David Burtt has been in the electrical trade since 1978. He has worked as an electrical contractor, maintenance electrician, shop supervisor, and electrical instructor, and has been teaching electrical continuing education courses on the National Electric Code since 1990. He is also the owner of JADE Learning.

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