How To Renew My Alabama Wastewater Operator License


By: Ashley Berfield | Sep 22, 2020

When Does My Alabama Wastewater Operator License Expire?

The renewal deadline for Alabama Wastewater Operator licenses is December 31st of every year. This deadline is applicable to Advanced Level I Installer, Advanced Level II Installer License, Pumper License, Portable Restroom Operator License and Manufacturer License.

How Many Continuing Education Hours Do I Need For Renewal of my Alabama Wastewater Operator License?

The number of continuing education hours required depends on the wastewater operators license type.

  • Basic, pumper, manufacturer or portable restroom (or any combination of the 4) = 6 hours of continuing education
  • Advanced Level I Installer, pumper manufacturer or portable restroom (or any combination of the 4) = 8 hours of continuing education
  • Advanced Level II Installer, pumper, manufacturer or portable restroom (or any combination of the 4) = 10 hours continuing education

JADE Learning is approved by the Alabama Onsite Wastewater Board to provide online continuing education courses for license renewal. Our courses are developed by electrical and water operator experts with decades of experience. All course material is online and compatible with smartphones, computers and tablets. Alabama Wastewater Operators can start a course for free and pay when they’re ready to receive a certificate and report hours to the Alabama Onsite Wastewater Board.

Why are Alabama Wastewater Operators choosing JADE Learning for continuing education hours?

  • Learn in your own space: Earn hours in the safety of a virtual environment.
  • Earn hours when you want and where you want: Don’t take time off work or give up a weekend sitting in class.
  • Learn something new: Prepare for your next level of certification, while earning continuing education credits to renew your current license.
  • Unlimited instructor support: Our expert operators are ready to answer your questions.
  • Try before you buy: Find the course that best fits your interests and fulfills your renewal requirements.

How Do I Renew my Wastewater License with the Alabama Onsite Wastewater Board?

After completing your continuing education requirements, you will receive a completion certificate and JADE Learning will rush report your hours to the board. Next you will need to pay the necessary fees and complete your renewal application with the Alabama Onsite Wastewater Board.


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