2014 National Electrical Code Changes

By: JADE Learning | Oct 10, 2013

JADE Learning is developing courses on changes to the 2014 National Electrical Code. Courses will be available online and approved for electrical continuing education credit in over 30 states as early as December, 2013. We are going to update this blog with a series of briefs on the 2014 NEC changes this winter.

One theme in the new edition of the Code is new technologies and requirements for their safe installation and modification. Today we are going to start with four new articles that were added in the 2014 edition of the National Electrical Code to accommodate these emerging technologies.

New Article 393 Low Voltage Suspended Ceiling Power Distribution

DC low voltage
In the 2014 National Electrical Code there is a new article, Article 393, with specific requirements for low voltage suspended ceiling power distribution.

Low voltage suspended ceiling power distribution systems use special ceiling grid rails as a bus to distribute low voltage power throughout a suspended ceiling. Luminaires and other low voltage equipment and sensors are electrically connected to the grid with special connectors. This system is well suited for LED luminaires.

New Article 646 Modular Data Centers

Modular Data Center
In 2014, the NEC has added a new article, Article 646, covering installation requirements for modular data centers.

Modular Data Centers (MDC) are modular type, pre-fabricated units that contain informational technology equipment (ITE), and the necessary electrical equipment such as supply and distribution wiring, overcurrent protection, grounding, and HVAC equipment. New Article 646 describes the requirements for installing Modular Data Centers.

New Article 728 Fire Resistive Cable Systems

Fire Resistive Cable
Requirements for fire resistive cable will be addressed in the 2014 National Electrical Code.

Prior to this new article, only listing information or manufacturer installation instructions for the cable system provided the necessary information to properly install such cables or systems. Now, installers and inspectors have a resource where specific methods of mounting, supporting, splicing, marking, and even types of acceptable pulling lubricants can be referenced.

New Article 750 Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems
There is a new article in the 2014 NEC covering installation and management of energy management systems.

This new article applies to the installation and operation of energy management systems. An energy management system consists of any of the following: a monitor, communications equipment, a controller, a timer, or other devices that monitor and/or control an electrical load or a power production or storage source.

This was a quick look at Code sections accommodating new technologies. Looking for more in-depth discussion on important changes? Register for our 2014 NEC Changes free webinar on November 12, 2013. Also, stay tuned to The Junction Box Blog for more information on the 2014 NEC changes, and look for approved continuing education courses from JADE Learning in winter, 2013. Please share your comments or questions with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Do you currently offer a 2014 nec code update online that is excepted by the state of Vermont for license renewal?

  2. I would like to know the price, name of coarse, and how to go about taking the course, for 8 hours of CEU’s necessary to update my Clark County, NV. Journeyman Electrician card. I need this coarse to be on code changes in the current edition of the NEC. Thanks Vince

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