Oregon Electrical Continuing Education in 3 Easy Steps

By: Amy Bonilla | Aug 09, 2017

The Oregon electrical license renewal deadlines for Limited Journeyman Manufacturing Plant Electrician (PJ), Limited Energy Technician Class A (LEA), Limited Energy Class B (LEB), Limited Maintenance Electrician (LME), Limited Renewable Energy Technician (LRT), and Limited Journeyman Sign Electrician (SIG) are approaching on October 1, 2017.

The Oregon Building Codes Division (BCD) requirements for this renewal are as follows:

Oregon License chart
Oregon electrical license renewal 2017

The best continuing education package for Oregon Limited Journeyman Manufacturing Plant Electrician (PJ) renewal is JADE Learning’s 16 Hour Package for PJ Licensees. The online package includes the following Oregon licensed electrician continuing education courses:

  • 2017 NEC Changes Part 1
  • Lockout/Tagout (NFPA 70E)
  • OESC and Administrative Rules

Follow the suggestions in the chart below to get hours for your Oregon electrical license renewal.

Oregon electrical courses
Oregon electrical renewal courses for 2017

Follow these 3 easy steps to renew your Limited Journeyman Manufacturing Plant Electrician (PJ), Oregon Limited Energy Technician Class A (LEA), ​​Limited Energy Technician Class B (LEB), ​​​Limited Maintenance Electrician (LME), ​​Limited Renewable Energy Technician (LRT), or ​​Limited Journeyman Sign Electrician (SIG) license for the 2017 deadline:

Step 1: Continuing Education

Complete the appropriate recommended course(s) from the chart above to ensure all requirements for your specific Oregon electrical license type are met. You can log in to your JADE Learning account or register a free account at any time day or night. All JADE Learning courses can be completed online from any device. Courses can be completed on a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The Oregon 16 Hour Package for PJ Licensees is discounted to $149, until September 1, 2017. To receive the package discount, all courses in the package have to be paid for altogether upon completion.

Step 2: Check CE Hours

Wait for your Oregon electrical continuing education hours to be reported to the Oregon BCD. JADE Learning will submit hours to the Oregon Building Codes Division every business day in September as the October 1 deadline approaches. When licensee hours are reported, JADE Learning will send an email notification informing the licensee about the submittal of the hours. When the Oregon BCD posts the hours they can be checked on the License Holder Search webpage.

Step 3: Renew Oregon Electrician License Online

When you can confirm that your hours are posted, you are ready to renew your Oregon electrician license online. The cost to renew will be between $50 and $100, depending on your Oregon electrical license type. You can submit your Oregon electrician license renewal online before October 1, 2017, to keep an active license for another 3 years.

Get started now! Log in to your JADE Learning account or register a free account and begin taking online courses to satisfy your Oregon electrician continuing education requirements.

Please note that October 1, falls on a Sunday this year, so licensees should have hours completed by September 29, so that they can be reported on time.

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    1. The current 24-hour package price is $189. This package pricing is valid through 9/21/18. Please let us know if you need any other information!

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