New Hampshire – CE Hours due by December 31st

By: Jerry Durham | Jan 11, 2020

The renewal deadline for CE hours is approaching fast!

All New Hampshire licensed master and journeyman electricians have to complete an approved 15 hour course on the 2020 NEC by the December 31, 2020 renewal deadline. All master and journeyman licenses without verification of the 2020 NEC by January 1, 2021, will be invalid until proof of the course is received!

Luckily, JADE Learning offers a 15 Hour Code Update (2020 NEC Changes) course that fulfills that obligation.  When anyone finishes a course, JADE sends a certificate of completion and reports CE hours to the New Hampshire Electricians’ Board.  Notification of hours go out to the New Hampshire Electricians’ Board every business day electronically.

Why should I renew my license?

If you work with an expired license, you can be fined. If you do not renew, you may have to re-test in order to get your license back!

What happens if I’m late to renew my license?

Per the NH Electricians Board Website: “…In addition to any renewal fee, the fee for any license that has expired for more than one month shall be $50.00.” “(a) Any master or journeyman electrician whose license is not renewed within one year of the expiration date of the license shall: (1) Meet the requirements of this section and pass the re-licensing examination set forth in Saf-C 9304.01(g); or (2) Apply to take the master or journeyman examination, as determined by the expired license. (b) The applicant shall submit the following: (1) The information set forth in Saf-C 9301.04; (2) A statement of previous licensure including dates and license number; and (3) Proof of continuing education.”


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