Increasing Your Value: The Electrician’s Guide to Making More Money

By: Dave Varga | Mar 31, 2020

Every electrician knows the basic standard of “the more experience you have, the more money you make.” To some extent, that’s an accurate statement. However, there are other, proven methods you can use to increase your value/pay. Here are a few:

Go to work every day. If you want to get noticed fast by your employer, show up to work every day, and show up on time. When an employer can count on you to be there this will eventually create other opportunities for you, even as a person of lesser experience. Remember to also be on time after breaks and lunch.

Give eight for eight. There is nothing worse, for an employer or for crew morale than having a “slacker” on the team. When you show up for work, have the required tools and be ready to give eight hours of work for eight hours of pay. Meeting these basic requirements will keep you employed for a long time and will earn you more money than others that do not meet them.

Show initiative. Be a “right-hand man” to the person in charge. Be willing to volunteer for various tasks, work opportunities, and anything to make you stand out above the rest. When the employer notices you have more initiative than others, it will be easy for the employer to see that you are worth more than the others.

Take care of company-owned items. Employers spend a lot of money on items such as tools, vehicles, and even Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). You can enhance your value as an employee by being the person that cares about company property. Take good care of PPE, and don’t break expensive tools or lose items such as drills, batteries, and ladders. Look after these items as if they were your own. These acts will get noticed and will be mentioned at review time.

Be professional. When you show up to work, look good and be well-spoken. Do not show up in ripped jeans and dirty shirts. Keep clean and stay groomed. Speak professionally and don’t curse. This standard will not only help you make more money, it will put you at the front of the line for other possible job opportunities.

Increase your trade knowledge. Many people with years of experience seem to go straight to the top. They may be given a foreman role and more money just because their resume suggests it. As a person with lesser field experience, you can still become an eventual challenger for that top position. It doesn’t take much, especially now, to find electrical training. There are online resources which include self-study and instructor-led programs. There are also in-person learning opportunities such as continuing education and exam preparation classes. Learn all you can about the NEC! The moment you get noticed as someone that can read and understand the NEC, you will become a very valuable employee. And now, here comes another raise!

Increasing your value to make more money as an electrician can be a simple process. Simply show up every day and be productive. Have initiative on the job site and care about the company and its investments. With a few adjustments and little effort, you will become more of a professional. Buy a new code book and complete online training at Soon, you’ll have a fulfilling career AND the pay you desire.

3 thoughts on “Increasing Your Value: The Electrician’s Guide to Making More Money

  1. I think that today’s electrician must know more than just codes and electrical requirements. Being knowledgeable in electronics, computers, and other technology. With new energy saving technology, simple installations are no longer simple.

  2. I need to renew my California electrical certification. Please send me the material I need for continuing education and California electrical certification. Thank you. I don’t have a computer, I lost it in a wildfire.

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