How To Write An Electrical Resume

By: Dave Varga | Jun 25, 2020

Every electrician must have a good electrical resume on hand and be ready to share it when the next opportunity presents itself. Your resume must be able to stand out against many others in the usual quick review. As an electrician and as an employer, I can tell you the following layout is very informative and very successful.

Download a Copy of a Sample Electrical Resume

Contact Information

On the top of the page in large bold print you will enter your name. On the next line in smaller bold print enter your address, cell phone number, and email address. Make sure this information is up-to-date.


Make sure you write an objective that is sincere and personally from you. Briefly tell the employer what position you are interested in, why you believe you are a good fit for the company, and your future goal for your career. You should customize this for every company and position you apply for. Be upfront and sincere so the employer can make the right decision for both parties.


In bold list your work experience with position held, company name, and city of the company. Skip a space and the next line will be the start month and year and ending month and year. Skip a space and the next line will begin with the word Duties and then list all of the duties and tasks that you were assigned while working for that employer. List all that is relevant to the electrical trade – for example, installing conduits 1/2” to 2”, commercial wall rough, wiring of custom homes, installation of up to 2000 amp services, slab rough, and so on. List just the electrical companies you have worked for through the years. If you have less than four years in the trade, then list all other substantial employment.

Good Stuff

Next you want to add the items that set you apart from the rest. The order can be listed with the most important information or information that makes you unique first. To an employer, this information will stand out the most.

First in bold make a heading called Electrical License(s), skip a space and enter any electrical licenses you have including journeyman, county, or state.

Next in bold make the heading called Military, skip a line and list any military service, rank, and military occupational specialty.

Now in bold make a heading called Education, skip a line and list any education you have received. Start with any apprenticeships completed or in progress, vocational school, any other types of schools, followed by your high school name and city.

Training and Continuing Education

The next heading in bold with be Certificates and Continuing Education. This area can set you apart from the others real fast. After you skip a line you will enter all of the trade certificates, training, and continuing education you have completed since working in the trade. The longer you have been in the trade, the more you should have to list. An employer understands that this area is based on your experience and interest in the trade.

Cherry on Top

This next heading should be used only if it benefits you. Remember you are trying to set yourself apart from others and preferably set yourself on the top of the stack of resumes. In bold the next heading is Personal; skip a line and now enter the information you feel will help you get this job. Enter your height and weight. You can enter any of the following information if it is true for you: non-smoker, drug free, clean background check, clean driving record, volunteer positions, or high credit score.

Just when the employer thought it could not get any better you can enter your own mantra or best qualities – positive thinker, trade professional, always striving to be the best, or electrifying personality! Some of this information cannot be asked by your employer, but you are welcome to divulge.

One Final Section

Now you can in bold make a heading called Sample Projects. In this area you will simply list every significant job you have worked on. Don’t be afraid to list custom homes, commercial, industrial, residential, and electrical service work all together. An employer will be happy to know that you have well rounded experience or even the specialized experience they are looking for.

Closing Remarks

This resume layout is purposeful and professional and gives any employer a ton of information in just minutes. I have reviewed thousands of resumes over the last thirty years and this format is the best way to present yourself at any stage of your career. Continue to move forward in the trade, be a professional, and always continue your education. Let JADE Learning help put your electrical resume at the top of the pile!

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