3 Steps to Renewing your CA Electrical License

By: Jerry Durham | Nov 14, 2019

The license renewal process can seem daunting but with the right tools and roadmap, it can be a smooth journey!  Here are 3 things California certified electricians need to complete their California electrical certification renewal.  

Setting Up Your California Electrical Certification Timeline

To begin, you’ll need your California electrical certification card.  This will contain two important pieces of information required to set yourself up for success: 1) the expiration date and 2) your certification number. If you cannot find your electrical certification card, you can order a duplicate from DIR with this form and a payment of $30.  You can also search yourself on the list of certified electricians.  

You are able to submit your application for certification renewal starting one year prior to your expiration date.  For example: if your California electrical certification will expire on 06/01/2022, you can submit your renewal application to DIR beginning on 06/02/2021.  The Board states that a ‘successful renewal application must be postmarked or received at DIR 30 days before the end of the certification period’.  If you’ve missed that date, don’t worry!  They will accept applications that are postmarked up to the actual expiration date, but you will be unable to work until the new electrical certification has been approved.  

Completing Your Electrical Certification Continuing Education

Now that we have your timeline, the next step is to complete your California electrical certification continuing education.  You are required to complete 32 hours of continuing education with a DIR approved provider. You can complete the 32 hours anytime within your electrical certification period (three years).

JADE Learning offers a full 32 hour renewal package for California certification which includes 2017 NEC Changes Part 1 & 2 for a discounted rate of $179 if you pay for both courses at one time – saving you $121! In order to receive the package discount, you must pay for both courses at the same time.  Once one course is completed, our system will tell you that you have a payment waiting, just ignore that prompt until both courses are completed and ready for payment. All the online courses listed on our California page are accepted for your California certification renewal, if you’d like to learn about something else, or if you’d prefer to work offline, we also offer a homestudy package of the 2017 NEC Changes Part 1 & 2 that you can download here .

Once your course is completed and paid, you’ll receive your completion certificates in PDF format in your confirmation email to print at your convenience.  And we’re onto the final step!

Finalize Your California Electrical Certification Renewal

Complete the electrical certification renewal application form which can be filled out either on your computer or by hand. Submit the completed form with your certificates of completion and your payment of the $100 renewal fee via mail to DIR. They will respond to your application within 30 days, which is why it is important to submit early!

If you’ve missed your California certification’s expiration date, you will need to retake the certification exam.  You will have to fill out the certification retest form and select the option for expired certification.  Submit the retest form along with your exam fee of $200 and once they have processed your application, you will be notified via mail to call and schedule your exam with PSI.  JADE Learning also offers exam preparation for the California electrical exam using the same format and topics found on the exam.


You can get started now on your 32 hours of continuing education for your California Electrical Certification with JADE Learning today!  Click here to get started!

12 thoughts on “3 Steps to Renewing your CA Electrical License

  1. I live in Georgia… I have certification for general electrician for California I have taken OSHA 10 and 8 hr cpr .. I hold certication cards. Can I apply this 18 hrs credit for finishing my renewal on my California recertification ?

  2. good morning

    my license certification has been expired for 30 days.
    can I take the renewal test on line?

    1. If you are licensed in the state of California, they have stricter rules about renewing and generally require you to re-test. “If you are renewing after your card expired, you do not need to fulfill the 32 hours requirement for continuing education. Submit your Renewal Application with a check mark on the expired box and attach your $200.00 payment to retake the exam. You must retake the exam and pass or you will be illegally working.” For more information, go to the state’s website: https://www.dir.ca.gov/DLSE/ECU/ECUCertforms.htm

    1. For the state of California, if your certification has expired, you will be required to re-test. You can contact the state for more information about next steps.

  3. I have been certified since 2006 without fail. I manage anywhere between 30-60 electricians. During COVID i just realized that my certification lapsed a couple of months ago. Is there any way around having to re-test?

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