Emerging Technologies for System Integrators in 2023

By: Jon Polly | Feb 16, 2023

It’s a new year and a good time to look at the emerging technologies from 2022 that are primed to take 2023 by storm. While this list is by no means holistic, it provides a small sampling of the diversity of use cases the security industry is succeeding with.   

Award Winning Technologies



SiteOwl is a holistic life cycle management tool. There are a number of software tools used by security integrators, but most are single-function tools; where SiteOwl incorporates all of the needed functions into one single platform. SiteOwl found its genesis with a security integrator who could not find one tool that would effectively manage the security project and life cycle of a security implementation.   

There are two common themes in security integration. The first is that sales and operations are rarely on the same page at the end of the day. The salesperson sold a job one way, and the operations team saw it in a completely different way; without a full transparency between the two. The second theme is most security projects are not managed properly. This occurs primarily when project managers do not have proper project management software to define project and installation timelines. SiteOwl cloud-hosted software allows sales and operations teams to be on the same page before the project is sold through the sign-off, and onto the support team; with versioning and retention of all design and installation changes.   

SiteOwl offers the user a design module to effectively lay out a security project, without needing a masters degree in CAD or Revit. Once the design has been completed, the project gets pushed to the installation team and mobile app; built for security technicians to have all the necessary tools on their phone. Once a project is completed, the system is live and offers the integrator and the customer a wealth of tools to manage and support the implementation in real time. SiteOwl won the ESX 2022 Innovation Award.


Hakimo has been making waves in the security industry since 2021. Hakimo is a cloud-based software platform designed to solve two specific problems that occur in many large security system implementations; nuisance alarms and tailgating issues. Hakimo uses trained Artificial Intelligence (AI) in conjunction with the access control system to review door alarms, bi-directionally adjusting the programming on doors and creating service tickets automatically to reduce the overwhelming noise created by nuisance alarms. Hakimo is a checks and balances software platform for all access control applications to ensure that only the appropriate alarms come to the operator’s screen.

Hakimo addresses tailgating issues by correlating doors and associated cameras to validate an authorized credential and to visually confirm only one person entered at a secure space at one time. In the event that multiple people entered on one badge read, Hakimo alerts appropriate staff for enforcement and remediation.

Hakimo has direct agreements with some of the largest access control companies; Tyco CCURE 9000, LenelS2, and Genetec to name a few.

Hakimo is designed for Security Operations Centers and systems from small to large and can be used both internally by the customer and externally by the system integrator.

Hakimo won the SIA Judges’ Choice Award at ISC West in 2022.


IPVideo has been around for a few years with a couple of products, primarily the HALO 2C IoT sensor. The HALO 2C is an all-in-one sensor that crossed traditional Power over Ethernet (PoE) and security network protocols to communicate with both security using TCP/IP and HVAC systems using BACnet. The HALO 2C is still offered, but in 2022 IPVideo released the refined HALO 3C IoT sensor.

The HALO 3C IoT sensor is as close to an all-in-wonder solution that has been released to the market in the last few years. The HALO 3C can detect air quality, types of particulates in the air, and multiple types of vape particulates. While the HALO 2C had a handful of analytics, the 3C has added additional analytics around occupancy sensing and increased light sensitivity, as well as integrating with most of the major security access control and video management system (VMS) platforms to provide visualization to the onboard alarm triggers.

While the HALO IoT Smart Sensor has been a flagship product for IPVideo, in late 2022 they announced the Acquisition of Vuro Technologies, a fleet vehicle monitoring and safety company. The rebranded company will be VuroAI to offer IoT and AI technology to monitor driver behavior, in-vehicle performance, and real-time GPS tracking.

IPVideo’s HALO IoT Smart Sensor 3C won 2022 Campus Safety Best Award and 2022 Security Today New Product of the Year Award.


Evolv is a name that has evoked polarizing opinions of security industry professionals in 2022. But what is Evolv? Evolv is a weapons detection system combining sensors, AI, and site-specific analytics to detect weapons of mass destruction. Weapons of mass destruction defined by Evolv are guns and bombs. Unlike traditional metal detectors that can detect any amount of metal, Evolv is designed as a free-flow weapon detection system; able to track large crowds as an initial perimeter scan, only alerting the human security resource to any anomaly it considers a gun, portion of a gun, or a bomb. Evolv has cut down entrance times to large venues as well as K-12 schools from minutes to seconds, increasing employee and customer experience over previous solutions.

Evolv and the Avigilon white-labeled Concealed Weapons Detection (CWD) version of Evolv are fast-tracking weapon detection into schools, churches, stadiums, casinos, and other venues that require substantial throughput of people while keeping the masses safe.

Evolv was awarded the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Safety Act Designation as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology in March 2022.

Evolv won the SIA New Products and Solutions (NPS) Award in its category at ISC West 2022.

Honorable Mentions

A couple of honorable mention products that are not for everyone, but have significant value for any integrator:

Sentry Enterprises

Sentry Card is a zero-trust biometric access control card with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) built into the card. Sentry Card is designed for high security applications where there can be no chance of unauthorized access.


Crowdguard offers temporary hostile vehicle mitigation barriers. The year 2022 was filled with stories of vehicles being used as weapons against pedestrians; from concerts to parades. Crowdguard, offered in Europe and recently released in the U.S., is gaining the attention of event organizers everywhere.

In Closing

Buzzwords like cloud, AI, Customer Experience, IoT, and many more are setting the stage for 2023. Look for emerging technologies that not only can be used in the security space, but can be leveraged outside of the security space as more customers are looking for sensors and systems that are multi-functional and can meet the needs of multiple stakeholders.

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