Electric Vehicles Are Ramping Up Demand for Skilled Electricians

By: Dave Varga | Jul 06, 2022

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Always a fun question that comes with some head scratching thoughts about the answer. The new question is, which comes first, the Electric Vehicle or the Electric Vehicle Charger? It’s obvious that the electric vehicle (EV) must have electric vehicle chargers (EV chargers) available. The EV would be useless without available chargers. Have you ever thought about how many EV chargers are going to be needed in the future or how many electrical jobs the installation of the chargers could create?  

The Demand 

As the interest in EVs grows so does the interest in the availability of EV charging stations. For an EV to be practical, there must be a large network of available charging stations. It is projected that in about eight years there will be approximately 30 million EVs on the road. That would mean an additional 2 million chargers would need to be installed by 2030. The chargers would need to be available along travel routes, at businesses and workplaces, and of course, at homes. The EV owner must feel confident that there are enough stations to allow travel. The EV owner must also consider the time needed for a charge. Some cars can charge in as little as 30 minutes while others can take a lot more time depending on the type of charger and battery. A standard charger at a home could take up to 8 hours for a full charge to be complete. Currently it takes a little bit of planning to take an EV on any type of journey. Eventually, it must be as easy as jumping into your EV and stopping about anywhere to grab a charge and move on. Think about how many places would need to have EV chargers available. How much work do you think the EV charger demand will bring to the electrical contractor? 

The Work 

Experts predict that the need for EV charging stations will create thousands of electrician positions over the next several years. This is concerning for an electrical industry already desperate for help. Electrical contractors are upping their wages to help keep current employees and in hopes of hiring new ones. Extra help will be needed as many of these installations are not easy. The existing areas typically require concrete cutting, the installation of raceways back to an electrical panel, or a new sub-panel or electrical service. The future demand for these chargers will not only create jobs but will also create opportunities for new electrical contractors. A new electrical contractor could begin a business today based exclusively on the installation and maintenance of charging stations. Retailers, businesses, and employers will eventually need to invest in the installation of these stations to stay competitive with their peers.  

The Opportunity 

The future is here. There are opportunities available for electricians who are seeking employment and for electrical contractors looking to expand or specialize. Seek out the knowledge needed to be an expert on Electric Vehicle chargers. You can use specific manufacturer information and complete continuing education to enhance your knowledge.

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