What You Need to Know to Renew a Connecticut Electrical License

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By: JADE Learning | Aug 28, 2020

In Connecticut, electricians must renew their electrical license annually. Below, we’ve put together a guidefor everything you need to know to renew your license and maintain your standing as a certified electrician. 

How to Renew Your Connecticut Electrical License

When You Need to Renew

Electricians in Connecticut must renew their license every year. The renewal deadline is September 30th, each year.

Renewal Requirements

Renewing an electrical license in Connecticut requires completing 4 hours of approved continuing education. All 4 hours must be completed in a classroom. For the 2020 renewal cycle, Connecticut is permitting completion of classes through online virtual platforms.  These online classes that occur with a live instructor are accepted as in person continuing education credit. Our upcoming class schedule is available online at: https://www.jadelearning.com/in-person-continuing-education/ct-electrical-classroom-courses/

We’ll be providing a virtual online classroom course September 4th, 18th, and 25th .

Where to Renew a License in Connecticut

Required classroom hours may be completed through JADE Learning. Our classes are taught by licensed electricians and NEC experts with decades of experience. All of our courses are approved by the Connecticut Electrical Work Examining Board. We’ve been a trusted provider of CE training in Connecticut since 2018, and we’ve been teaching continuing education courses since 1996.

How to Register for Training

Begin by creating an account with JADE Learning. Then choose from our selection of courses and attend the class on the day of your choosing. 

After the course, we will report your completed hours to the Connecticut Electrical Work Examining Board within 2 business days. We will then send you a certificate of completion that confirms your continuing education completion. Once your hours have posted with the state, you can go ahead and renew your license.

Get Started on Your Connecticut Electrical License Renewal

JADE Learning has helped more than 150,000 professionals across the country with continuing education, training, and license renewals. Go ahead and create your account today to become the next electrician in Connecticut. If you still have questions about the process or need help getting registered, let us know.

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