What is on the California Electrical Certification Exam?

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By: Ashley Berfield | Apr 17, 2020

How Do I Sign-Up for the California Electrical Certification Exam?

Once you’ve completed all requirements as an apprentice or through and electrical trainee program you can submit your application to have your experience reviewed by the California DIR. After submitting the application and all the required attachments you will be notified of your eligibility. You will have one year to schedule and take your exam. If you do not complete your exam within that time frame you will have to re-submit your application. It is important that you properly prep for the exam to ensure you pass on the first try.  

Who Needs to be Certified?

California electricians who work for C-10 contractors need to be certified.

What topics are covered on the California electrical certification exam?

The California electrical certification exam is slightly different for each certification type. The exam covers the 2017 National Electrical Code. General Electricians can expect to see the following areas covered on the exam:

  • Safety– Covering topics such as: general electrical knowledge and wiring methods/materials.
  • Determination of electrical systems requirements – Covering topics such as: theory, grounding & bonding, circuit protection.
  • Installation – Covering topics such as: Motors, clearances, devices, terminations and special equipment.
  • Maintenance and repair – Covering topics such as: over-current and branch circuits.

(not limited to the above topics)

The chart below shows the number of questions given on the exam and the time allotted for each certification type.

General electrician

Residential electrician

Fire/ life/ safety

Voice, data, video technician

Non-residential lighting technician

Number of questions given

100 questions

80 questions

50 questions

50 questions

Time given to
take the test

4 hours, 30 min.

3 hours, 30 min.

2 hours, 15 min.

2 hours, 15 min.

How to prepare for your California electrical certification exam

In order to properly prepare for your California electrical certification exam, you will need study and practice taking the test. It is important that you are aware of all the topics that will be covered on the exam and also your areas of weakness. JADE Learning’s exam prep can provide you with the right tools to pass your California electrical certification exam on the first try.

JADE Learning’s exam prep uses the same multiple choice format and topics found on the California electrical certification exam. The comprehensive guide also includes 18 fully illustrated, narrated modules that teach you what’s going to be on your California electrical exam and over 800 tried and true practice questions based on the 2017 NEC. You’ll also have instructor support to answer your questions on the material.

Exam prep teaches you how to navigate the 2017 National Electrical Code book, so you’ll spend less time searching and more time on calculations. You’ll also discover your areas of weakness so you’ll know where to focus your study efforts.

Ready to pass your electrical exam the first time?




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