Oregon Electrical License Renewal

By: Amy Bonilla | Aug 03, 2021

How do I renew my Oregon Journeyman License?

Oregon Journeyman and Limited Residential electricians are required to have all of their continuing education hours reported to the Oregon Building Codes Division by October 1st, 2021.

Journeyman electricians are required to complete 24 hours of Oregon electrical continuing education each renewal period, and limited residential electricians need to have 16 hours of electrical continuing education. For each license type, four hours have to be on the Oregon laws/rules (ORL) requirement and eight hours have to be on the National Electrical Code (CC).

License Type ORL Hours Code Change Hours Code Related (or Change) Hours
General Journeyman Electrician (J) 4 8 12
Limited Residential Electrician (LR) 4 8 4

JADE Learning has online course packages available to make signing up for the correct courses easy. The 24-Hour Renewal Package for Journeyman Electricians includes the following continuing education courses:

  • 2020 NEC Changes Part 1
  • 2020 NEC Changes Part 2
  • Installation Checklists
  • OESC and Oregon Rules (2021)

The 16-Hour Renewal Package for Limited Residential Electricians includes these three continuing education courses:

  • 2020 NEC Changes Part 1
  • Equipment Grounding and Bonding
  • OESC and Administrative Rules

Both of the packages contain all of the hours that you need to renew your Oregon Journeyman or Limited Residential electrical license.

Follow these steps to renew your Oregon electrical license this month:

Step 1 – Complete Electrical Continuing EducationElectrician Renewing License

First, complete all of the mandatory Oregon electrical continuing education hours required for your license type. JADE Learning allows licensees to work on their courses at any time – day or night. You can go at your own pace, and when you log out your work will be saved for you until you log back in to continue. The online courses can be completed from any device – a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Step 2 – Check Posted Continuing Education

Next, wait until the electrical continuing education hours are reported to the Oregon Building Codes Division. JADE Learning reports the hours to the state board by an online reporting tool, and notification is sent to the licensees when JADE Learning has reported the hours to the Oregon Building Codes Division. The board will need time to process the hours. You can check the status of your hours online on the License Holder Search page of the Oregon Building Codes Division website.

Step 3 – Renew Electrical License

Once all of your hours are posted, you are ready to renew. Submit your Oregon electrical license renewal form and fee online before October 1st, 2021. The fee to renew an active journeyman or limited residential license in Oregon is $100.

You can login to your JADE Learning account now. No account? Get started by viewing all of our Oregon electrical continuing education courses.


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