How Do I Renew My North Carolina Electrical License?

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By: Ashley Berfield | Mar 02, 2018

The North Carolina electrical license renewal process can seem daunting but with the right tools and road-map, it can be a smooth journey!

Step 1 – Find My NC Electrical License Expiration Date: 

To begin your North Carolina electrical license renewal, you’ll need your North Carolina electrical license to find your license issue date. This is also your expiration date each year. If you cannot find your electrical license, you can look yourself up on the North Carolina Board Examiners of Electrical Contractors website.  You can do so by using just your name or your electrical license number if you remember it!

Step 2 – Complete My Electrical Continuing Education: 

Now that we have your timeline, the next step is to complete your electrical continuing education. For Limited, Intermediate, and Unlimited electrical license types, you are required to complete 8 hours of electrical continuing education, 4 of which must be classroom hours, every year. Residential dwelling and low voltage licenses are required to complete 4 hours of electrical continuing education, 2 of which must be in classroom. These hours must be completed with a Board-approved provider. The Board will hold up to 24 hours of electrical continuing education for upcoming renewals. JADE Learning offers North Carolina electrical license renewal courses that will fulfill the Board’s requirements as well as classroom courses across the state throughout the year. If you complete a full 8 hours of classroom with JADE Learning, you will receive two discount codes to apply for 8 hours of online education which will set you up for two renewals! Once your course is completed and paid, you’ll receive your completion certificates in PDF format in your confirmation email to print at your convenience. JADE Learning reports your hours the next business day electronically to the North Carolina Board and we’re happy to rush report if needed! Learn more about NC electrical license continuing education now.

Step 3 – Renew My North Carolina Electrical License:

Once your electrical continuing education hours have been posted on the Board’s website (which you can verify here), you can complete your North Carolina electrical license renewal online through the Board’s site as well! You will be charged your licensing fee depending on your electrical license type: Limited – $85, Intermediate – $130, Unlimited – $180, All Special Restricted – $85
Click here to start My North Carolina Electrical License Renewal with JADE Learning!

4 thoughts on “How Do I Renew My North Carolina Electrical License?

  1. I didn’t know that electrical licenses need to be renewed. That’ll help me find a qualified electrician. I’ll just check if their license is current.

    1. Yes – and most states do have a way to look up a licensee to make sure they are current and have no penalties associated with their license.

    1. Lowell,

      No – currently for NC, half of your hours have to come from an in-person classroom course or a live virtual instructor-led training course. We do offer both of those types of courses. Our next one is coming up tomorrow, May 11.

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