Reconditioning Luminaires, Lamps, and Lampholders: 2020 NEC, Section 410.7

By: Robert Key | Jun 02, 2021

Provisions and requirements for the reconditioning of equipment have been added to multiple sections of the NEC for the 2020 edition. Panelboards, switchboards, and circuit breakers, just to name a few, can be reconditioned according to specific Code requirements. A definition for reconditioned has also been added to Article 100. It reads as follows:

  • Reconditioned. Electromechanical systems, equipment, apparatus, or components that are restored to operating conditions. This process differs from normal servicing of equipment that remains within a facility, or replacement of listed equipment on a one-to-one basis.
  • Informational Note: The term reconditioned is frequently referred to as rebuilt, refurbished, or remanufactured.

There are, however, several types of equipment that are prohibited from being reconditioned. These include ground fault protective devices (both for personnel and equipment), arc fault circuit interrupters, low and medium voltage fuse holders, and non-renewable fuses, as well as our topic for discussion: luminaires, lamps, and lampholders. These are not permitted to be reconditioned, but how about retrofit kits?

Section 410.7, Reconditioned Equipment, has been added to the 2020 NEC which specifically prohibits the reconditioning of luminaires, lampholders, and retrofit kits. But is the installation of a retrofit kit considered reconditioning? Retrofit kits have become quite popular, due to the lower power consumption and resultant cost savings of newer lighting technology, for example, LED lighting. Installation of such a kit is not considered reconditioning of the lighting fixture, it is a kit used for a specific purpose. Per Section 410.6, Listing Required, these kits are required to be listed, just like luminaires and lampholders. Since luminaires, lampholders, and retrofit kits are not permitted to be reconditioned, the Code specifies that retrofitted luminaires, when installed according to manufacturer’s installation instructions, are not considered reconditioned.

New Code Section 410.7, Reconditioned Equipment, is as follows:

  • Reconditioned Equipment. Luminaires, lampholders, and retrofit kits shall not be permitted to be reconditioned. If a retrofit kit is installed in a luminaire in accordance with the installation instructions, the retrofitted luminaire shall not be considered reconditioned.

So, while luminaires, lampholders, and retrofit kits are not permitted to be reconditioned, installed listed retrofit kits are specifically permitted by Section 410.7.

Lighting retrofit kits are popular because they save energy and money.