How to Renew Your Utah Wastewater License


By: JADE Learning | Nov 24, 2020

Over the last 20 years, more than 150,000 professionals have renewed their license with the help of JADE Learning. If you need to renew a Utah wastewater license, you’ve come to the right place.

5 Steps to Renew a Utah Wastewater License

Starting your Utah Wastewater Operator license renewal is easy with JADE Learning.

  1. Create your account. You can create an account with JADE Learning for free in just one minute.
  2. Choose your courses. Choose from a large selection of approved courses that tackle everything from fluid mechanics to safety to wastewater equipment and more.
  3. Complete your selected courses. Once you’ve chosen your courses, it’s time to get started. Our course material is entirely online, so you can work when you want, from where you want.


  1. Report your completed hours. All finished? Great. We’ll report your completed hours to the state of Utah and issue you a certificate of completion.


  1. Finalize your renewal with the state. Once your hours have been reported, contact the Utah Department of Environmental Quality to complete any final steps needed to renew your license.

Choosing JADE Learning

Why do so many people choose JADE Learning for their Utah wastewater license renewal?

We’re trusted.

We’ve been a trusted provider of online training since 2005 and our material is approved by the Department of Environmental Quality. Our courses are developed by water operator experts with decades of experience.

We’re flexible.

You have a job, friends, family, and other responsibilities. That’s why we’ve designed our courses to take place 100% online, so you can work toward renewing your license on your own terms. Plus, you can do it from any device with an internet connection, including a tablet or even your smartphone.

We’re easy.

It’s free to get started with any course and you may switch courses at any time. You won’t pay anything until it’s time to report your hours and obtain your certificate.

Get Started Today

Utah Wastewater Operators must renew their license by December 31 every 3 years. Grades 1 and 2 must complete 20 hours of education training and grades 3 and 4 must complete 30 hours.

Get started on your Utah wastewater license renewal today by creating your account or by contacting us for personalized customer service. Come see why JADE Learning is the preferred provider for a Utah Wastewater Operator.

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