Texas Electrical License Renewal: Do Electricians Need Continuing Education in 2020?

Electrical Continuing Education

By: Ashley Berfield | Aug 17, 2020

The recent COVID-19 outbreak brought on changes to electrical continuing education requirements in Texas. These changes may have left some electricians in Texas confused about what the continuing education requirements are for the 2020 renewal cycle.

TDLR Electrical Continuing Education Requirement Changes

The Texas Department of Labor (TDLR) made changes to the electrical continuing education requirements in April 2020. This was done in response to the stay-a-home orders and social distancing orders that were put into effect. The TDLR issued a temporary amendment to (§51.405, Occupations Code) accompanied with a statement. With this change electrical continuing education requirements for licensees expiring in April, May and June were waived. Licensees with expiration dates in those months did NOT have to complete continuing education. However, licensees still need to submit their renewal applications, pay the required fees, and TDLR will check their criminal histories. Additionally, the TDLR has waived late license renewal fees that accrued between March 13, 2020 and June 15, 2020.

Texas Electrical License Expiration Dates From July  – December 2020 Require Continuing Education

For Texas electricians with license expiration dates falling July through December 2020, continuing education is required. The requirements are as normal, licensees must complete 4 hours of electrical continuing education. The TDLR has approved JADE Learning (Provider #1020 since 2005) to provide electrical continuing education for Texas electricians. JADE Learning also offers several 4-hour video courses that require no tests.

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