How to Renew Your Utah Drinking Water License

By: JADE Learning | Nov 29, 2020

The importance of healthy drinking water can’t be overstated, so it’s easy to understand why those who are tasked with managing it must be trained and re-trained according to industry standards.

In the state of Utah, a drinking water operator license must be renewed every 3 years. And JADE Learning provides board approved continuing education courses to renew your license quickly, easily, and efficiently.

What You Need to Do

To renew your Utah drinking water license, just follow the 4-step process below.

1.   Create your account

It’s completely free to create an account with JADE Learning and only takes a minute to do.

2.   Choose your courses

Wastewater Operators in Utah with grade levels 1 and 2 are required to complete 20-30 continuing education hours (2-3 CEUs) of continuing education every 3 years while those with grade levels of 3 and 4 must complete 30 hours. The deadline for renewal is December 31.


We have a wide variety of courses from which to choose, each offering between 1 and 5 credit hours. Some of the topics covered in these courses include electrical safety, piping systems, pumps, OSHA safety, and more.

3.   Complete your courses

It’s free to start any course and you may switch at any time. Our course material is 100% online, so you’ll have the freedom to work on your own time using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

4.   Get certified

You won’t owe anything until you’ve completed your necessary course hours, at which time you’ll receive a certificate of completion and we will rush report your credited hours to the state of Utah the very next business day.

Why JADE Learning

Over 150,000 professionals have used JADE Learning to renew their licenses for more than 20 years. It’s not difficult to understand why, JADE Learning has been a trusted provider of online training since 2005. Our courses are taught by water operator experts with decades of experience and are approved by the Department of Environmental Quality.


Our online platform provides the flexibility to renew your license around the responsibilities of your job and family, allowing you to prioritize your schedule as needed. Create your account to get started or contact us with any questions. Let JADE Learning help you renew your Utah drinking water license today.

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