How Do I Renew My NC Wastewater Operator License

By: Ashley Berfield | Aug 16, 2020

When Does My NC Wastewater Operator License Expire?

Your North Carolina Wastewater Operator license expires every year on December 31st. If you would like to check the status of your Wastewater Operator license you can do so by visiting the NC DEQ operator portal

How Many Continuing Education Hours Do I Need For Renewal of my Wastewater Operator License?

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality requires Waste Water Operators to complete 6 hours of continuing education every year.  JADE Learning offers board approved continuing education courses to help North Carolina Water Operators meet their renewal requirements. JADE Learning’s course offerings include topics covering:

If you are searching for an easy way to complete the full 6-hour North Carolina Wastewater continuing education requirement, JADE Learning’s 6 hour package bundles all the courses you need. Courses are free to start and you only pay once you’ve completed the course and are ready to report your hours and receive your certificate. This means that you can try courses with out paying until you find the course(s) that are of  interest to you and most important to your job functions at your facility. 

How Do I Renew My License With the NC DEQ?

After you have completed your 6 hours of continuing education with JADE Learning, you will receive a certificate via email that confirms you completed your requirement. JADE Learning will rush report your hours to the NC DEQ. In addition to continuing education (CE) you will need to complete your renewal process with the NC DEQ.

Try a North Carolina Wastewater Continuing Education Course for Free

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