How Do I Renew My Florida Electrical License?

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By: Ashley Berfield | Apr 07, 2018

3 Steps to Renew My Florida Electrical License

Step 1 – When Does My Florida  Electrical License Expire: 

Licenses for Registered and Certified Electricians will expire on August 31st of every even numbered year. You will need to renew your license before expiration to avoid additional fees or your license becoming null and void.  If your license becomes null and void, you will have to reapply as if you have never held a Florida electrical license.

Step 2 – Complete My Electrical Continuing Education:

In order to renew your Florida electrical license you must complete 14 hours of continuing education courses before the August 31, 2020 expiration date.  If you do not complete your continuing education requirements you cannot renew your license. The continuing education should be completed as follows:
• 7 hours technical
• 1 hour workers’ compensation
• 1 hour workplace safety
• 1 hour business practices
• 2 hours false alarm prevention (For all certified and registered alarm contractors and
certified electrical contractors who perform alarm work)
• 1-2 hours general/technical (2 hours for contractors not required to take false alarm prevention)
• 1 hour Florida Building Code advanced module course
• 1 hour Laws and Rules
We recommend starting your electrical continuing education early!  JADE Learning offers online courses that enable you to meet your continuing education requirements for a package price.  JADE Learning is an approved continuing education provider by the Florida Division of Professions, Electrical Contractors’ Licensing Board since 1996. Our courses are taught by licensed electricians and NEC code experts! Once your courses are completed and paid, you’ll receive your completion certificates in PDF format in a confirmation email. JADE Learning electronically reports your hours the next business day and we’re happy to rush report if needed!

Step 3 – Renew My Florida Electrical License:

Lastly, you will need to complete your license renewal application and pay your electrical license renewal feeRenew Washington Electrical License. Be sure to start your electrical continuing education early and submit your renewal application on time to avoid any late fees. You cannot work with an inactive Florida electrical license.
Check the status of your Florida electrical license.

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