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Welcome to the Summer Edition of JADE Learning's Electrical Newsletter.

Learn about current flow on the neutral conductor, a 2014 NEC change, a recent report on home fires, and more!

In This Issue

-Current Flow on Neutral

-2014 NEC: New Article

-Electrical Cause of Fires

-Summer Safety at the Pool

-Lime Wind Energy Project

-Demolition Video

-Question of the Season

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North Carolina Licensees

New Board Member: In March, Johns M. Martin was appointed to the North Carolina Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors. Since 1991, Johns has served as the president of Adams Electric Company.

New NC Board Member

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You Tube Demolition Video

It may take years to construct a large building, and yet it can all come down in a matter of seconds with the expertise of controlled demolition experts.

Click here for full size video.

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Current Flow on the Grounded Neutral

Branch Circuit

What about the grounded neutral?

Does it carry current?

Can it shock you?

Current Flow on the Grounded Neutral

2014 NEC Change: Ceiling Power Distribution Systems

Generator Animations

A new article has been added to the 2014 NEC which will make installing luminaires and control devices in suspended ceilings quicker and safer.

2014 NEC Change

Electrical Still A Top Cause of Home Fires

Generator Animations

Deadly home fires caused by faulty electrical wiring can strike anywhere. Bungalows, apartments, condos, or mansions can burn to the ground in a matter of minutes. Residential fires that start in the electrical system are 100% preventable.

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Summer Safety at the Pool

Swimming pools and summer go hand-in-hand, but faulty Lime Windwiring in a pool area can be deadly. Even a tiny amount of electrical current in a pool can be life threatening. A person in an energized pool may become paralyzed and unable to call for help. Drowning becomes a likely outcome, even if the current is not lethal. Bystanders and rescuers also risk serious injury if they enter the water or make contact with an electrified conductive fixture, such as a ladder. To prevent electrical current from entering the pool, there are three safety elements that must be in place:

  1. All circuits must be wired properly.
  2. All receptacle outlets and pool pumps must have GFCI protection.
  3. All conductive elements near a pool must be bonded to an equipotential plane.
Swimming Pool Safety

Lime Wind Energy Project

Lime WindIn Baker County, Oregon, local carpenter Randy Joseph decided to pursue a privately owned wind farm. With the help of his family, a wide range of partners, and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), his idea became reality. Lime Wind is one of two locally owned wind projects built in Oregon; it is the first wind project built in Baker County and the first wind project built on BLM administered lands in Oregon. TOMCO Electric, a JADE Learning customer in Bend, Oregon, was the electrical installation partner for this project.

Lime Wind Energy Project

Question of the Season

What section of the 2014 NEC will cover Uses Permitted for Low Voltage Suspended Ceiling Power Distribution Systems?

a. 393.10

b. 393.12

c. 397.10

d. 397.12

Know the answer? Email: newsletter@jadelearning.com. The first two people to respond with the correct answer and their name and mailing address will receive a prize from JADE Learning.

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