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Water and wastewater operators are responsible for the public health of Missouri by ensuring people receive clean, potable water and that wastewater be discharged in an environmentally safe manner. Water and wastewater operators maintain water treatment certifications from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and must meet minimum educational and experience standards depending on the level of certification.

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How to Renew Your Missouri Water License Online

Missouri Water and Wastewater Operators must complete between 10 and 30 hours every three years, depending on license type, in order to renew their license.

  • Drinking Water A, B, C, & DS III = 30 hours
  • Drinking Water D & DS II = 20 hours
  • Drinking Water DS I = 10 hours
  • Wastewater = 30 hours
  • Not more than one-half (1/2) of the total renewal training hours required in a renewal period shall be credited from safety, supervisory, management, administration and financial training, or general computer courses.

The license renewal deadline for Missouri water and wastewater licenses is on your license expiration date every three years.

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