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A drinking water operator must possess the knowledge, skills, ability, and judgment to ensure drinking water is safe for public consumption. This competency is measured through a combination of education, experience, and examination. Water systems are defined by grades ranging from Class 1 to Class IV for both treatment and distribution categories according to complexity and population served. Operators of these systems require treatment certification and must show competency by successfully completing examinations in both treatment and distribution categories and must possess the appropriate experience. Very Small Water Systems (VSWS) operators are another classification that covers treatment and distribution characteristics of systems with populations fewer than 500. JADE Learning is the preferred choice for Maine drinking water licensees looking for renewal training contact hours.

We have partnered with At Your Pace Online to fulfill all of your Maine Drinking Water continuing education needs.

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How to Renew Your Maine Drinking Water Operator License

Maine drinking water operators must complete 6-24 training contact hours, depending on license type, every two years in order to renew their license.

  • License Renewal Deadline: December 31st, every two years (years are staggered)
  • VSWS requires 6 hours for renewal
  • Class I requires 12 hours for renewal
  • Class II requires 18 hours for renewal
  • Class III or IV requires 24 hours for renewal

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