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The safety and quality of Kentucky’s water resources are overseen by water system operators. These wastewater and drinking water operators earn and maintain a Kentucky Water Certification that is regularly renewed through continuing education.

Kentucky water operators are frontline environmental workers who provide a valuable service to public health. Thus, they must be certified by the Kentucky Certification and Licensing Branch to ensure the state’s wastewater is properly treated and returned to the environment.

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How to Renew Your Kentucky Water Certification

Kentucky Water Operators must complete between 12 and 24 hours of continuing education every two years in order to renew their water certification.

The deadline for renewal is June 30 every two years. Drinking water licenses are due for renewal in even-numbered years and wastewater licenses are due in odd-numbered years.

  • Bottled Water, Limited, Class I or II Treatment, Collection, or Distribution certifications require 12 hours.
  • Class III or IV Treatment, Collection, or Distribution certifications require 24 hours.

Your hours will be reported to the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection.

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