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The Indiana Operator Certification Program provides training and certifies individuals who engage in and oversees the operations of a public water system. This program requires all Community and NonTransient Noncommunity systems to be managed by a certified water operator holding appropriate license(s).

In order to become a certified operator for a water treatment plant or a water distribution system, the candidate must meet certain educational requirements, provide documentation of acceptable technical hands-on experience in the operation of a treatment plant and/or distribution system, as well as pass a state certification exam. Once certified, an operator must get their required continuing education hours and renew their license(s) triennially (every three years). Additionally, a water operator in responsible charge is required to make a number of system visits per week depending on the public water system classification.

We have partnered with At Your Pace Online to fulfill all of your Drinking Water continuing education needs.

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How to Renew Your Indiana Drinking Water Operator License

Indiana Drinking Water Operators are required to complete 10-30 continuing education hours for renewal every three years, depending on license type.

  • License Renewal Deadline: June 30th, every three years.
  • Grade FSO, DSS, WT 1 = 10 contact hours
  • Grade DSM, DSL, WT 2 = 15 contact hours
  • Grade WT 3 = 25 contact hours
  • Grade WT 4, WT 5, WT 6 = 30 contact hours
  • At least 70% of the contact hours obtained for renewal must be on Technical topics.

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