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Learn More About Florida Water License Continuing Education

Florida statutes require anyone who operates a drinking water treatment plant, domestic wastewater treatment plant and/or water distribution system must be licensed by DEP. To qualify for licensure, an applicant must meet minimum educational and work experience requirements for each class of license. A passing score is required on the exam for the type and level license desired.

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How to Renew Your Florida Water Operator License

Florida Water Operators are required to complete 5-20 continuing education hours (0.5-2 CEUs) for renewal every two years, depending on license type.

  • License Renewal Deadline: April 30th, every odd year
  • Class A & B must obtain 2 CEUs (20 hours)
  • Class C must obtain 1 CEU (10 hours)
  • Class D & Water Distribution System Operators Level 1-4 must obtain 0.5 CEU (5 hours)

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We are not currently offering continuing education courses for this state.