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There are four levels of Operator Certification, Classes I through IV (lowest to highest). In order to qualify to take a Connecticut DEP-sponsored exam, an applicant must fully complete an application detailing how they meet the experience and education requirements appropriate for that particular class of exam.

The original intent of the certification program was to assure competent superintendents and shift operators for wastewater treatment plants of various types and complexities. By being certified in a particular class, you are also legally qualified to be a superintendent of ANY plant of that class or lower. Due to the increasing complexity of new facilities, the intent has now grown to certification of all operators in the field at the minimum of Class I.

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How to Renew Your Connecticut Water Operator License

Connecticut Wastewater Operators are required to complete 0.6 continuing education units (6 hours) for renewal every year.

  • Class I, II, III, and IV operator certifications all require 6 hours of continuing education every year, although the certification does not expire until the operator leaves the field for over two years.

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