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California Electrician Exam Prep

CA Electrician Certification Exam
CA Electrical Exam Prep

The key to passing any exam is practice and repetition.

With actual exam questions, our Electrical Exam Prep will get you ready for the California Certified Electrician Exam.

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Electrical Exam Prep

Experts agree that the following three strategies will best help you pass a timed computer test like the CA Electrician Exam. This online exam prep boot camp will get you the tools and training to be successful with each of these test prep strategies.
1. Repetition. Practice as many questions as you can.
Repetition You need to practice a lot of questions. The key to getting fit is adding more reps and increasing the difficulty of your workouts. The same applies to preparing for an exam. With the JADE Learning electrical exam boot camp, you can practice hundreds of electrician exam questions.

Get in shape for your California Certified Electrician exam. Electrical Exam Prep
2. Focus. Practice questions you will see on the actual exam.
Focus You need to study what will be on the exam. Unlike some other states, California does not have state specific questions. All the questions in the entire program are similar to those you will see on the actual test. The California exam is based on the 2014 NEC. Unlike other programs, this exam prep course is based on the 2014 NEC and is tremendously helpful getting you practice as many installation basics remain the same from code year to code year.

See what is on the exam with the California candidate information bulletin. Electrical Exam Prep
3. Speed. Practice your speed on the computer.
Testing Site You also need to be able to answer questions on the computer, and fast. Have you practiced answering hours of questions quickly on the computer? There is no substitute for practicing exam questions the way you will see them on testing day. JADE Learning's online boot camp best simulates the conditions of the timed, computer-based exam.

Learn how to quickly ace the California Certified Electrician exam. Electrical Exam Prep

CA Electrician Certification Exam Prep

CA Electrical Exam Prep
Over 800 exam-based questions.
4 state-specific modules, 17 exam-specific modules.
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Electrical Exam Prep

Number of Questions and Time for the Exam

The California Journeyman Electrician Exam has 100 total questions. The time allowed is 4 hours and 30 minutes. This gives you less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds per question.

Subject AreaQuestion Value
Determination of Electrical System Requirements22%
Maintenance and Repair6%

JADE Learning's CA Journeyman Electrician Exam Prep will give you practice with hundreds of questions in these subject areas. You will have less than three minutes per question. With timed practice exams, you can see if you have the speed necessary to answer the questions in time.

Electrical Exam Prep

Our online California Electrician Test Prep will put you in the best shape possible to pass the CA Electrician Test.

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CA Electrician Certification Exam Prep

California Electrician Exam Prep