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Massachusetts Electrical Continuing Education Courses

The first approved provider that offers continuing education online.

JADE Learning is the first program approved by the Massachusetts Board of State Examiners of Electricians to offer continuing education courses online, which means you can renew your license where and when it’s convenient to you – even on a mobile device. Use the form below to start for free.

Approved by Massachusetts Board of State Examiners of ElectriciansTrusted provider #444

Save time, money and learn something new.

Continuing education courses from JADE Learning are competitively priced and available 24/7. Take a course at your convenience. We want you to learn from your CE courses, enjoy your experience, and come back! We care about you, your continuing education, and your career.

We are a trusted provider and the best in the business. Our instructors are experts to make sure you get the most out of your continuing education course.

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4 online courses are currently available.

15 Hour Code Update: 2017 NEC ChangesN/A 15.0 MCE Code Update $150.00 1/23/2017
Commercial & Industrial Wiring (2017 NEC)N/A 6.0 Professional Development $65.00 1/23/2017
Introduction to Role of ForemanN/A 4.0 Professional Development $49.00 1/23/2017
OSHA Safety for ElectriciansN/A 4.0 Professional Development $49.00 1/23/2017
* some states do not assign course ID numbers
** some states do not specify the type of credit
Expiration dates marked in red indicate less than 1 month to complete course.

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Massachusetts Electrical License Renewal Information
(Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Please check with your state board.)
Massachusetts Electrical License Renewal Requirements: 21 hours of continuing education including 15 hours of continuing education related to the Massachusetts Electrical Code, business, law, and related topics, and 6 hours of professional development in topics related to electrical code, business, law, first aid, safety, building code, and related topics..
Massachusetts Electrical Board Contact Information: Massachusetts Board of State Examiners of Electricians
1000 Washington St
Suite 710
Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 727-9931
Fax: (617) 727-9932
Massachusetts Electrical License Renewal Deadlines: July 31st, every three years.
Massachusetts Electrical Board Website Link: Massachusetts Board of State Examiners of Electricians Website
Check Your License Status/CE Credit: Located on the Board Website
How do I renew my license? Step 1. Complete your continuing education hours. Step 2. Wait for your 15-hour code course to be reported to the Board. Keep records of all of your course certificates. Step 3. Submit your renewal form online at: along with the required fee.
What if I don't renew my license? If your license is not in good standing, meaning it has either expired or lapsed past the expiration date, after completion of the 15- and 6- hour courses, you are required to mail in the course certificates along with the electrical reinstatement form and the current late fee to the Massachusetts Board of State Examiners of Electricians. If it expired within 90 days of the renewal date, you simply pay the late fee and show proof of the 21 hours of continuing education. If you are between 90 days and 3 years after expiration, renewal is allowed by paying fees, sending in the electrical reinstatement application, documentation of employment, and evidence of continuing education (21 hours) certificates. You will be subject to a CORI, and if you were doing electrical work with an expired license, you may pay an additional fee for unlicensed practice. If you allow your license to lapse beyond one code cycle (3 years), you will have to take and pass an electrician exam to reinstate your license.
Why should I renew my license? If you let your license expire and don't switch to inactive status, you may have to re-test in order to reinstate your license.
What happens if I'm late to renew my license? A: The Board has eliminated "penalty" CE, however, the procedure for renewal changes depending on how long it has been since your license expired:

If less than 90 days - Renewal allowed by paying fees with evidence of CE (21 hours);

Between 90 days and 3 years - Renewal allowed by paying fees, reinstatement application with CORI check, documentation of employment, and evidence of CE (21 hours); and

More than 3 years - Renewal allowed after passage of highest level license exam and evidence of CE (21 hours).
Link to MA state statues: Located on the Board Website
Link to license renewal form: Massachusetts Electrical License Renewal Form
Link to MA CE courses: Located on the Board Website

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