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Idaho Approved CEU Courses
Approved by Idaho Electrical Bureau
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Attention: Effective July 1, 2017, individuals requesting CEU credit will have to comply with IDAPA 07.01.07: 8 hours of code update covering changes included in the latest edition of the NEC, 8 hours of code related training, 8 hours of industry-related. Individuals who have taken a 16 hour code update course prior to July 1, 2017, will get credit with the state.
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Approval Period

1 package is currently available.

24-Hour Renewal Package for Idaho Electricians
 Package discount valid through 6/30/2018
ID17111, ID17115, 20-613765, 20-640282, ID17113  24.0 Code Related (CR), Code Update, Industry Related $285.00

10 online courses are currently available.

2017 NEC ChangesID17115 8.0 Code Update $85.00 6/5/2017
2017 NEC Changes (Homestudy)ID17116 8.0 Code Update $90.00 6/5/2017
Commercial and Industrial Wiring (2017 NEC)ID17111 4.0 Code Related (CR) $50.00 6/5/2017
Commercial and Industrial Wiring (2017 NEC) (Homestudy)ID17112 4.0 Code Related (CR) $55.00 6/5/2017
Installation ChecklistsID14431 4.0 Industry Related $50.00 4/29/2016
Installing Services (2017 NEC)20-613769 4.0 Industry Related $50.00 3/1/2018
OSHA Safety for Electricians20-640282 4.0 Industry Related $50.00 3/1/2018
Overcurrent Protection (2017 NEC)20-613765 4.0 Industry Related $50.00 3/1/2018
Residential Wiring (2017 NEC)ID17113 4.0 Code Related (CR) $50.00 6/5/2017
Residential Wiring (2017 NEC) (Homestudy)ID17114 4.0 Code Related (CR) $55.00 6/5/2017
* some states do not assign course ID numbers
** some states do not specify the type of credit
Expiration dates marked in red indicate less than 1 month to complete course.

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Idaho Electrical License Renewal Information
(Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Please check with your state board.)
Idaho Electrical License Renewal Requirements: 24 hours of continuing education; 8 hours must be on the current National Electric Code (CD), 8 hours must be code-related (CR), and 8 hours must be industry-related (IR)..
Idaho Electrical Board Contact Information: Idaho Electrical Bureau
1090 E. Watertower St.
Suite 150
Meridian, ID
Phone: (208) 334-2183
Fax: (877) 810-2840
Idaho Electrical License Renewal Deadlines: The last day of the month of the anniversary of the license issue date, every three years.
Idaho Electrical Board Website Link: Electrical Bureau
Check Your License Status/CE Credit: Located on the Board Website
How do I renew my license? Step 1. Complete your continuing education hours (24 hours). Step 2. Wait for your hours to be posted to the Board. Step 3. Submit your renewal form to Idaho Electrical Bureau along with the required fee.
What if I don't renew my license? "06. License Period...All license and registration periods shall end at midnight on the last day of the final month of the licensing or registration period. Licenses and registrations not renewed by this date shall have expired. Any expired license revived within the twelve (12) month period following the expiration date will continue to have the original license anniversary date for purposes of subsequent renewal." "05. Reviving an Expired License. Any applicant for an electrical contractor license who has allowed his license to expire and seeks to revive it under the provisions of Section 54-1013, Idaho Code, may be denied a license as unfit and unqualified if, while operating under the license prior to expiration, he violates any of the laws or rules applicable to electrical contractors."
Why should I renew my license? "S 54-1017. Violations of act a misdemeanor Any person, partnership, company, firm, association or corporation who shall engage in the trade, business or calling of an electrical contractor, journeyman electrician, master electrician, specialty electrician, specialty electrical contractor, specialty electrical trainee or apprentice electrician without a license or required registration as provided for by this act, or who shall violate any of the provisions of this act, or the rules of the Idaho electrical board or of the administrator of the division of building safety herein provided for, or who shall refuse to perform any duty lawfully enjoined upon him by the adminis-trator within the prescribed time; or who shall fail, neglect, or refuse to obey any lawful order given or made by the administrator shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be subject to the civil penalties established by administrative rule but not to exceed one thousand dollars ($ 1,000). Each day of such violation shall constitute a separate of-fense. A violation will be considered a second or additional offense only if it occurs within one (1) year from the first violation."
What happens if I'm late to renew my license? "(2) Any license which has expired may be revived at any time within one (1) year from the last day of the final month of the licensing period, by payment of the revival fee herein specified, together with all outstanding civil penalties, and permit or other fees and penalties, and upon proof that outstanding correction notices have been satisfacto-rily resolved. For electrical contractors and specialty electrical contractors, proof of liabil-ity insurance in the amount of three hundred thousand dollars ($ 300,000) shall also be required, and proof of worker's compensation insurance shall be required if applicable."
Link to ID state statues: Located on the Board Website
Link to license renewal form: Idaho Electrical License Renewal Form
Link to ID Approved CE courses: Located on the Board Website

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