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Iowa Electrical Continuing Education Webinar

Iowa 2017 NEC Changes Webinar – $45


Continuing Education Requirements

Iowa electricians are required to complete 18 hours of continuing education every 3 years before license renewal. At least 6 hours must be on the NEC. JADE Learning is pleased to announce our new webinar courses that enable you to meet those requirements.  The webinar courses are approved by the Iowa Electrical Examining Board.

Continuing Education Webinars

JADE Learning will offer a webinar that covers Chapter 1 of the 2017 National Electric Code and separate webinar that covers Chapter 2 of the 2017 National Electric Code.  The webinar courses will count toward the 6 hour NEC continuing education requirements mandated by the Iowa Electrical Examining Board.

How Continuing Education Webinars Work

Get comfortable in your own space on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Your device must be web cam enabled and have some form of audio output. The webinar will be taught live by our instructor Jerry L. Durham. Jerry Durham is a Level 3 Electrical Inspector in North Carolina, ICC Electrical Inspector and an NCCER Core and Electrical Curriculum certified instructor. The webinar features 2-hours of engaging content on the 2017 NEC Changes. During the webinar you will have the ability to communicate with your instructor as well as the other attendees. There is no exam, test or passing score. Throughout the webinar there will be interactive active questions to keep you engaged and help you retain information. Once the webinar is complete JADE Learning will rush report your hours to the Iowa Electrical Examining Board so that you may receive your CE credit.

Upcoming Webinars

Chapter 1:

November 5th at 12pm EST – REGISTER NOW

December 11th at 6pm EST – REGISTER NOW

Chapter 2:

November 13th at 6pm EST – REGISTER NOW

December 3rd at 12pm EST – REGISTER NOW

Get 2-hours of approved Iowa electrical continuing education for just $45.


Iowa 2017 NEC Changes Webinar – $45

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