How Do I Renew My NC Drinking Water Operator License?


By: JADE Learning | Apr 06, 2020

The NC Water Treatment Facility Operator Certification Board (NCWTFOCB) requires that all drinking water certified operators renew certifications annually before December 31. This annual renewal follows each year after the initial certification. As part of the renewal process, drinking water operators are required to complete six hours of continuing education board-approved professional growth coursework each year, following the year of initial certification.

Step 1. Complete professional growth continuing education courses.

The (NCWTFOCB) does not hold training classes or certification schools. However, drinking water operators may attend training at any certification school that has been previously approved by the NCWTFOCB. Approved professional growth courses are offered by providers across NC, both in a classroom setting or online.  JADE Learning offers continuing education courses online that can be completed any time.  Make sure to check the list of courses offered often and enroll early as classes fill up fast, especially as the December 31 deadline approaches.

To check record of your professional growth hours and other information, look in the Certified Operator Portal located on the NC Division of Water Resources (DWR) website or follow the instructions shown below. The operator portal will require you to create a username and password through NCID. Once access is established to the Certified Operator Portal, you may renew your certification, change mailing address, check your professional growth hour record, and see other information related to your certification.

Step 2. Renew drinking water operator license before the December 31 deadline.

Drinking water operators are notified of license renewal around the middle of November each year. It is important for operators to update their state certification organization – NCWTFOCB –  of any change of address. There may be only one renewal notice sent. If you fail to receive a renewal notice, you are still responsible for renewing the certificate.

On top of continuing education training, operators are also required to pay a $30 annual certification renewal fee. Renewal fees are due December 31 of each calendar year and will be considered delinquent if received on or after February 1. The cost of annual certification renewal is $30 per certification. Delinquent renewals (those received February 1 or after) will require an additional late charge of $30 per certification. Checks should be made out to NCWTFO Certification Board. Online renewals are also available with the ability to accept credit cards. Please see the steps below to create an NCID and operator login account.

How to Renew Online:



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